Magento Freight Shipping/ Magento 2 Freight Shipping: Crush your sales goals with this great freight shipping automation app!

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What is and why is it a top e-commerce platform?

      Magento e-commerce and wholesale online commerce solutions, has become one of the top online sales platforms.  Backed by Adobe, this online sales platform allows companies to sell both direct to consumer and wholesale to retail via one seamless platform.  Add to that the ability to sell across other online channels like  and you have one robust online sales platform for all your business sales needs.



Fast emerging Magento shipping integration for freight and all modes of shipping

      One thing that sets Magento apart from other online sales channels is its Magento shipping integration.  This Magento shipping integration allows the hub of your online sales to connect to Magento freight shipping apps as well as other Magento shipping apps for all modes.  Allowing your clients to be able to select and buy their favorite products, quote real-time freight shipping options, and pay for the whole thing as check out. We can even API automate white glove service and final mile freight services now too!

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What does our Magento shipping integration look like and possibly do better?

       Leveraging Easy logistics for your Magento shipping integration allows you to tap Magento freight shipping services.  Leveraging Easy Logistics large freight carrier network and industry-leading freight rates for large cumbersome e-commerce and larger wholesale orders.   Your clients and consumers can literally buy their products, quote magento freight shipping based on their delivery zip code, and pay for both their products and freight shipping at checkout.   The Bill of Lading or freight shipping documentation is then automatically sent to where the products are shipping from for application and pickup.

     Just the sheer fact that the magento shipping integration allows you to attached to our freight shipping automation applications for both direct to consumer e-commerce consumer sales.  As well as for bulk wholesale orders is a huge bonus when using magento shipping integration combined with Easy Logistics API freight automation apps!

What are the other possible benefits of combining Magento shipping integration with Easy Logistics Freight Shipping automation apps?

      By connecting you Magento shipping integration to Easy Logistics Magento Freight shipping automation API apps, your firm will be leveraging two best in class products. Magento’s very robust direct to consumer and wholesale online sales platform.  In addition, Easy Logistics will be providing you top-rated freight carriers, industry-leading freight shipping discounts, and a long term stable agent owner support if and when you need additional help!  

     Not to mention by providing your clients with this easy to use Magento Shipping Integration for freight shipping, you will make the whole sales process easier, get them better freight rates than they could get on their own, and provide them a seamless easy solution.  So go on, connect with us to learn more about connecting the power of Magento shipping integration with top-rated freight shipping infrastructure and freight rates from Easy Logistics Management!


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