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Shipping Motorcycles with traditional common LTL Carriers

     At first glance, shipping motorcycles might seem like it would be complex.   You might even think that you would have to use specific expensive motorcycle freight shipping carriers.  However, if the motorcycles are new and boxed or crated correctly, motorcycles can be shipping using common LTL freight carriers.   Thus, allowing your motorcycle business or company to have more economical ways to ship your motorcycles.   Let’s explore a little further to see how we can make this process as simple, economical, and automated as possible.

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Using common LTL carriers to ship Motorcycles

     If properly boxed or crated you can ship motorcycles, ATV, and even UTV’s/ snowmobiles using traditional common freight carriers.  The most common packaging method we generally see with our motorcycle clients is to begin with some sort of small pallet under the motorcycle.  This allows for common LTL freight carriers to pick up and transfer the motorcycle with a forklift or pallet jack to transfer and drop off the motorcycle cargo.  

    The motorcycles are then banded to the pallet and usually covered over and around by a crate or other heavy-duty cardboard boxing material to protect the motorcycle during the freight shipping process.  By having the motorcycle on a small pallet with a crate around it, you can move motorcycles with lower-cost LTL freight carriers.  Versus motorcycle-specific carriers, who might have a much higher cost per motorcycle shipped because of the specialized equipment they need to handle and not damage non-crated motorcycles..

Example Beta Motorcycle properly palletized and boxed/ crated for LTL freight shipping

motorcylce crated and ready to ship
shipping motorcycles for electric motion

Getting the most economical motorcylcle shipping rates!

By crating and packaging your motorcycles and other power sports equipment to travel on traditional LTL freight carriers.  This allows you more choice of freight carriers with whom you can ship your motorcycles.  It also allows you to get better freight pricing as you generally get better freight shipping prices.   Prepping your items so that they can be handled by common freight carriers versus industry and product-specific transport companies.

      It also allows you to work with brokerage organizations like our company, which have bulk discounted rates based on our aggregated annual spend of several billion dollars a year.  By leveraging this bulk pricing, combined with 100’s of freight carriers we have in our network.  You are always guaranteed to get the best possible motorcycle shipping rates in virtually any lane you would like to ship.

Automating the freight shipping process for Motorcycles

     When you can package and ship your motorcycles with a company like Easy Logistics you also get the advantage of our technology forward freight management software.  Allowing your team to quickly quoting with 100’s of carriers and see their unique transit time and other advantages almost instantly for every unique shipment. 

      Our Freight Management Software GTZ ship also allows you to quickly increase your insurance needs for shipping motorcycles.   Save quotes for later booking, book shipments, and simply print and /or email shipping documentation to wherever the motorcycles or UTV’s are shipping from. It also allows you to track all shipments with 100’s of carriers with simple email tracking links and on one stop shop home page.

API Freight Shipping Automation for E-commerce and ERP Platforms for shipping motorcycles

     If your firm wants to take it a step further and fully automate the quote, book, tracking, and payment SOP for your shipping motorcycles we have a solution for you.  Our new API automation apps allow our client to connect all our carriers and industry-leading rates directly to your E-commerce shopping cart or ERP business software.   Allowing your clients to buy the motorcycle or UTV of their choice, quote their preferred shipping method, and pay for the entire transaction while finalizing their purchase.  If you would like more information on this exciting new technology see our recent articles on API freight app automation for ShopifyWoo CommerceMagentoNetsuite, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics!

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We love riding Motorcycles just as much as we love working with motorcycle companies looking to ship them!

      I have been riding dirt bikes for years and my new current favorite whip is a KTM 500 exc enduro.   So, if your company wants to work with a great technology-forward logistics company that loves riding motorcycles just as much as working with people who make them, we should connect for a meeting.  See expanded article about all the different motorcycle shipping options we have.  We currently work with such great brands as


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