shared truckload economics and benefits

Shared Truckload Economics: Save 50-70% off of traditional LTL shipping


Did you know that a fully loaded 1700 lbs pallet of goods at an average freight class of 150 shipped from Ca to NJ costs about $900-1000 currently.  Did you also know that 26 of those same sized/ weight pallets, travelling as a full truckload ship for about $330 a pallet?   So why wouldn’t everyone want to ship their freight this way right?  Well, it’s a little more complicated than that and generally the domain of LTL or less than truckload carriers who can’t or don’t pass along that cost savings.   So read on and see how I think my Company can offer your logistics team some or all of this cost savings and efficiency!

What is Shared Truckload Freight Shipping?

      Shared truckload is essentially just like it sounds.  Instead of shipping LTL with less than truckload carriers, you simply leverage full truckload owner-operators to haul consolidated LTL type shipments.   It might not work for every shipment, however if companies can pool together or consolidate a few pickups with drop-offs in order;  you should be able to yield some or all of the aforementioned cost savings.  It also can be done easier if you have some warehouse consolidation points to leverage which we do.

What are the General Benefits of Commingled Truckload?

As you can see, in the first example of shipping 1 pallet LTL versus sending 26 equal sized pallets as full truckload.  You can see that it costs approximately 30% or less, to ship 26 similar pallets as a full truck.   Additional shared truckload or commingled truckload benefits include, no cross-docking or transloading like traditional LTL shipping.  Loads generally pick up in close proximity or at least in order and drop off, in the same manner, saving time and wasted energy associated with the hub and spoke model of LTL shipping.

  1. Drastic cost savings per pallet shipped approximately 70% less than 1 pallet shipped LTL
  2. No cross-docking or transloading at LTL hubs’ which can significantly increase transit-related damage
  3. More efficient and Environmentally Friendly if shipments can be picked up in order and dropped off in order
  4. 1 truck, 1 driver, way less excuses for lost freight , damages, or services failures!

Key ways to create Shared Truckload Freight shipping cost savings and efficiency even if you don't have truckload to ship..

  Perhaps your company doesn’t have truckloads of product to ship at a time.  However you would like to take advantage of the massive cost savings and efficiencies inherent in this type of commingled truckload shipping.  These are some of the top ways we think we can still help you achieve the same end goal.


  •  Partner up with companies near you to ship commingled truckloads
  • Leverage friends you have in similar industries and products to see if we can help consolidate pre-orders or other shipments
  • Connect with companies selling to the same retailers or wholesalers to ship shared truckloads 
  • Don’t have any friends or industry acquaintances?   Perhaps we can help by consolidating loads with our other clients at our extensive cross dock and consolidation locations!

Example of Cost Savings Consolidating Freight into Truckload shipments versus sending LTL

Example 1) Full Truckload shipment of 26 pallets  from Long Beach CA to Edison New Jersey will ship for about $8500 currently or $330 a pallet

Example 2) similarly fully loaded 1730 lb pallet at an average class of 150 costs approximately $900-1,000 per pallet to ship CA to NJ

Savings equal to approx:  $600 a pallet or $15,600 saved per 26 pallets shipped this way coast to coast.

     For this type of cost-saving shipping freight coast to coast, we think it is worth thinking outside the box and trying to consolidate truckloads of LTL freight!   We think you might agree, given a bit of flexibility and time to put these shipments together!

shared truckload economics and benefits

How our Company can help you create cost savings and efficiency with shared truckload shipments

       Our Company, Easy Logistics, is uniquely set up to help you put together shared truckload shipments or consolidated LTL shipments shipping as FTL loads.  Partly because we now handle our complete truckload operations.  Allowing us to drill into our full truckload carrier selection truck by truck to organize these types of shipments for you.   Additionally, we have warehouse partners we know and trust in critical coastal and urban markets.  That can help consolidate full trucks on pick up and cross-docking out the pallets individually if needed to regional courier delivery companies for final delivery.

Warehouse and Consolidation Hubs

We currently work heavily with the following key metro warehouse and fulfillment centers that can help with truckload consolidation and devanning to final delivery points.  

  • Semi Valley California
  • Kansas City MO
  • Edison New Jersey
  • Atlanta Georgia
However as you can see from the Map below. We have an extensive coast to coast cross dock, conslidation, and final mile delivery network at our finger tips for Shared Truckload opportuntes

Extensive Cross Dock, Consolidation and Final Mile Delivery Network for Shared Truckload opportunities, or anything else out of the box you can think of!......

shared truckload cross dock and consolidation points coast to coast

In conclusion

In conclusion, if your firm and logistics department has a bit of flexibility in the way they freight ship coast to coast or key metro areas.  We can help organize shared truckload freight shipping of this nature.  Yielding your Company massive cost per pallet shipping savings.  Drastically reduce transit-related damages due to vastly less handling and transloading.  Additionally, since these loads would be traveling with 1 truck and 1 dedicated driver.  Tracking, accountability, and freight-related service failures should all but be a thing of the past.  All we need to do now is put our heads together, think outside the box, and make some calls to drum up capacity!


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