Outsource your shipping manager duties for $1500 a month flat fee!

Is your company having trouble retaining qualified shipping managers?  Is your shipping or logistics team overwhelmed at peak season?  Does your firm not have the budget to hire a full time logistics or shipping person?

Well Problem resolved!  Easy Logistics Management has a affordable, scale-able, well trained, and super nice virtual freight team!  That can handle all your freight and parcel quoting, booking, tracking, and tracing for one super low flat price per month!  Hell, we use them to help run our Logistics Business to and they are Awesome!!!

A brief overview of this exciting, affordable, and highly scale-able remote shipping manager program..

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How the outsource your shipping manager program works!

Dont be like this guy!

Our outsourced shipping manager program will take your team from overworked, under-paid, and unappreciated..To finally having enough free time  to focus on bigger picture logistical issues.

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Our highly trained, detail oriented, motivated, and super friendly team will take over all or most of your day to day logistics work.  Giving you more time to refine your overall process and hopefully get that fancy raise you have been wanting!

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And BAM!  You will be back to enjoying your job again, focusing on higher value work, getting ahead, taking all of your vacation time “without guilt” and getting that big promotion!

Reap the Rewards of our highly Trained Virtual Freight Staff!

What started as a way for us to economically provide super hands on logistics management  and nice customer service to all our clients has evolved .  After on-boarding and training a few of our own virtual freight assistants to provide outsourcing logistics management services our clients began asking us where we found such a nice and detail oriented team.  One of our clients even threatened to steal some of our overseas team members away to provide his company logistics management.   So we figured why not roll it out as a value added outsourced freight management service to see if any of our clients need this type of service also!

Its Super Economical

Maybe your small company that is grappling with how to afford a full time shipping manager position to head up your logistics management needs.  Maybe your just having a tough time retaining well trained logistics management people no matter what you can pay them.  Regardless our outsourcing logistics management service can provide you a well trained team at a reasonable price that can grow with your company’s needs.    Did we mention that are team is super nice and hands on too!

Highly Scale-able Solution

Easy Logistics Management has several Virtual Freight Assistants helping us run our Day to Day business currently.   However we have access to a virtually limitless supply of well trained Virtual Logistical Personnel.   Highly skilled and educated people whom have worked for larger companies as virtual staff and got tired of being treated like VA’s   We customize their logistical training to our high expectations, treat them with respect, and even profit share with them after 1 year of good service with us.  If your firm needs access to affordable logistics specialists, that are precise, professional, and super nice we have the solution.

Super Nice, Hands on, and Great Attention to Details

We make a point to hire, train, empower, and treat our Virtual Freight Assistances like they work in our office just like anyone else.  We profit share with them after their first successful year, and give them good chunks of paid time off.   What that yields is motivated, super nice, hand on and dedicated logistics pro’s that you can tap for a very affordable flat monthly fee.   Heck, we use them to run our day to day business too and they are AWESOME!

Free you team up to Focus forward thinking or revenue generating activities and leave the details to our team!   Call us you will be Glad you did!

Surf's up!

Once you plug into our outsourced shipping manager program what will you do with all the free time and resources?  Re-focus on sales and growth?  Double down on product design and new great features?  Or you could just enjoy a bit more free time and go surfing..  The choice is yours but we like surfing!

Connect with us for a short no obiligation meeting.

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