Freight Shipping, Fedex Shiipping, and warehousing and fulfillment services overview from Easy LogisticsFreight Shipping, Fedex Shiipping, and warehousing and fulfillment services overview from Easy Logistics

Our Bold Promise: If we can't reduce your shipping costs and/or boost your delivery speed, we'll send you $200 for your time. Guaranteed!

You will also receive absolutely free, my 3 part short video series. To teach you our best tips and trick to negotiate better rates and service for Freight , Fedex , and 3PL Warehousing Services!

Why work with a company who can just provide freight, or parcel shipping services. Its like bringing a knife to a gun fight! Let us provide you a Full Supply Chain Audit. Using our Freight, Fedex, and Warehousing locations valued at $5000. If we can cut your over all shipping cost to market by 2x $5k year one. Our Audit Service will be FREE! Guaranteed.. We can only onboard 4 clients per month, and can only service 100 good clients so space is limited contact us NOW.

Help control your freight shipping costs with easy logistics
Freight Shipping Efficiency, Transparency and Visibility Solutions
Freight Shipping Customer Service and the ways Easy Logistics does it better
Easy API automation for Freight Shipping, Fedex Shipping, and Warehousing orders to your preferred platforms
Ways we can offer fedex shipping discounts
Regional 3PL warehouse and fulfillment centers to serve you nation wide

Contact us for a Full Supply Chain Audit for $5k. If we can't save you 2x $5k the first year, the audit is FREE. Space is limited to 4 clients onboarded a month. We can only accommodate 100 good clients. So contact us now before its too late!

A short Word on What Sets Us Apart

Here is a short word from the Owner and Founder of Easy Logistics Management on what sets us apart and how our team and software can make your logistics and overall Supply Chain process even easier!

A Full Stack of Logistic Solutions: Deep Discounts UPS, FedEX, DHL, USPS. Deep Discounts with 34,000 freight carriers in the USA, CAN, and MEX. Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers within a 1-2 day transit time of your end clients. API's to connect all services to your E-commerce , ERP, or Accounting Software Easily!

Free, Easy, Freight Shipping Software

        Easy Logistics Management provides its clients a freight shipping automation system that shops all the Top LTL Freight Carrier’s Best Freight Rates. Through one simply, FREE, online FMS interface for Freight Transportation.   Our Freight Shipping Software provides the Best Freight Rates in the United States, Canada, and Most of Mexico now.   Therefore allowing you to easy shop LTL FreightPartial Truckload, Volume Truckload, TruckloadRail Cargo, and Air Freight carriers best rates.  As well as offering  you the flexibility to plug your current carriers tariff into our online scheduling system. To enhance your overall Supply Chain.

Transparency and Full Control of all Freight Shipping Activities

       Our first- in-class  Freight Transportation Management System and Freight services give you full control and transparency of all your freight shipping, Freight Tracking and Supply Chain and needs.  Therefore, making for one of the best online scheduling and quoting systems in the logistics and freight transportation industry. So whether your business requires LTL Freight Shipping, Partial Truckload, Full Truckload, Rail Cargo, Air Cargo, or Ocean Cargo.   Easy Logistics Management and its partner Globaltranz have the 3PL (third party logistics) freight transportation solution for your business and freight rates that fit your budget.

Regional Warehouses to ship from Closer to your end Customers

           If your firm is looking to economize and streamline its freight shipping and parcel shipping even further. Easy Logistics Management has warehouse and fulfillment centers strategically located all over the USA, Canada, and Hawaii.  Shipping from these warehouse and fulfillment centers provide our clients faster freight transportation transit times, and greatly reduce transit related damages. Providing an overall cost savings to market, and is highly scale-able to match your supply chain and growth needs.

Scale-able and Completely Customize-able Supply Chain Solutions

       Call us today to see how this robust and highly scale-able warehousingfulfillment, and distribution infrastructure can be completely customized.  Allowing us to fit your supply chain and  freight transportation needs are no matter how complex they are.  By letting our team help manage more of your logistical needs, you will get access to one of the best freight management systems in the industry.  Some of the best freight shipping rates for all of North America, and a super nice and hands on day to day team to help you manage the details.  Connect with Easy Logistics Management for a short meeting today, to see how we can make your logistical work even easier this year!  If you want to take it even a step further explore our unique Outsourced Shipping Manager Program or our Managed Transportation Offering . 

Check out this quick Video Walkthrough!

To see just how easy our newest logistics management software is, check out this quick walk through of booking an LTL freight shipment.

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Easy Logistics Management has truly helped us refocus our efforts on higher value tasks while they take care of the logistics
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They Cut our cost of freight by 20% immediately and their team is so easy and nice to deal with!
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We couldn't be happier having our logistics handled by Easy Logistics,and they actually love bikes and RIDE!
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