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Be a Rock Star Logistics Manager and get ahead, using these New Transportation Management Systems Features for all Modes!

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        Let’s face it everyone wants to be Rockstar at work, get more done with less effort, and get ahead in their career.  If you are a logistics professional, fast-evolving Transportation Management Systems might be just the ticket to crushing your career goals and getting ahead.   Transportation Management Systems give you access to a wide range of carrier and prices instantly. They can also provide you real-time tracking updates and sophisticated ways to share tracking information with all pertinent parties.  Now there are even Transportation Management Systems for almost any mode of shipping.   So if you want to get ahead in your career, get more done in less time, and possibly save your organization drastic amounts of money read on!

What is a Transportation Management System?

Transportation Management Systems or TMS are sophisticated pieces of software that can connect various modes of shipping, multiple carriers/providers, and their pricing through one online interface.  Generally, these types of software can allow you to quote, book, and track shipments throughout their lifecycle.   Many also provide financial reporting, carrier and shipment analytics, and robust reporting on shipment related adjustments, and damages.

Quotes Multiple Carriers through one Interface

Most Transportation Management Systems allow you to shop multiple providers/carriers for each mode and shipment you need to move.  Allowing shipping and operations teams to quickly know which carriers are most cost-effective for each load in your proposed shipping lane.   Many TMS software’s also provide on-time delivery percentages, damage percentages, and insurance coverage provided per carrier/ per load.  Depending on the system and company, you can also purchase 3rd party insurance if your preferred carrier does not provide enough coverage directly through the platform.

Ability to import your carrier direct tariffs

If your firm already has negotiated carrier direct tariffs, many Transportation Management Systems allow you to import your tariff into the software.   Allowing your team to easily shop your TMS or 3PL partners carrier tariffs side by side with your direct tariffs.  Thus, allowing you to always have transparency of your best options for shipment pricing, service levels, and carrier performance.

Sophisticated Tracking Features to save you time/headache and keep your customers happy!

          Let’s face it, keeping on top of all your shipments can be a time consuming, confusing, and a pain in the neck.   Sophisticated TMS software can virtually eliminate these headaches by providing you real-time visibility of all of your shipments.   Many can also provide email and possible even text updates throughout the shipment life cycle to all necessary parties.   Allowing your team the ability to keep your client, sales team, management, and other stakeholders in the loop, without wasting time on the phone or manually emailing updates.   Imagine what you could do with all this saved time not having field calls/emails from clients and sales team wondering when their product is!   Also in the age of Amazon, this is almost a must for most discerning clients and organizations.

TMS for almost any mode of transportation

Transportation Management Software has traditionally been most used in parcel shipping for FedEX, UPS, DHL, USPS and LTL freight shipping.  However, now there are sophisticated TMS’s for almost any mode of shipping service needed.  New systems are coming online for international ocean container freight, air freight, and truckload freight.  In North America more and more, these TMS allow shippers to rate, book and track freight in the United States, into Canada, and even most of Mexico as well.  Thus allowing you to keep track of all North American shipments as well as global shipments through simple transparent software available online 24/7/365.

International Container Freight Transportation Management Software Example

Transportation Management Software for International Container Shipments

Some TMS compare multiple modes of Shipping side by side

Some TMS and 3PL provider’s Transportation Management Systems even provide you access to multiple modes of shipping carriers and pricing.   Some will shop parcel carriers side by side freight providers  KUEBIX  so you can also quickly decide your best mode per shipments.  Others provide access to LTL freight, truckload freight, rail, and air freight through one interface, company, and billing platform.

Ability to save money shopping multiple carriers in every -lane

     Perhaps one of the most popular features of Transportation Management Systems has historically been the ability to instantly shop top carriers best price through one interface.  Like Travelocity for airline travel and hotels.  TMS software provides your team an easy, fast, transparent way to see all carrier’s best prices in each lane you are proposing to ship.

Even the ability to API connect to E-commerce/ ERP for further automation and efficiency

With the rise of E-commerce and other online sales channels, we can now connect these TMS software and their carriers and rates directly into your preferred site.  Most notably Shopify, Woo Commerce, and Magento can now be connected via flexible API automation.  Or if your ERP business software drives the process, many TMS providers and 3PL companies can API connect to Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.

So, who wants to be a rock star get ahead and get that big fancy raise you have been wanting!  Perhaps, you are just a better TMS away!

        In summary, new sophisticated Transportation Management Systems can allow your logistics /operations teams to stay on top of all aspects of your logistical needs; while still retaining their hair and sanity!   So, unless your shipping team loves their fax machine and other outdated transactional technologies. You owe it to yourself to investigate these new amazing, transparent, multimodal, and scalable TMS technologies.   Your clients, sales teams, distributors, and other involved parties will thank you.  Who knows you might just look like a Rockstar and get that nice promotion getting so much done in such little time too!

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