Transition from Direct Sales to Content Marketing with the “Hustle Method” and doubling our web traffic!

 I have been growing our company’s logistical services 1 call and email at a time for the past 10 years. Although it has worked I am at a crossroads.  Do I follow the default path in the logistics industry, and simply hiring more salespeople to make more calls?   Or is there another path, that can create residual new business leads that are genuinely ready for a new vendor and like our approach to the management of logistics?

        I have been following Neil Patel and a few other thought leaders on the subject of marketing. I have distilled their ideas for marketing content creation and back-linking down to what I call the “Hustle Method” for content creation and marketing.    Its a combination of keyword research, content creation around those keywords with my unique spin, and finally calling high ranking websites marketing managers.  Approaching them to link exchange or collaborate on similar linked content between our sites. 

      Using this approach I have been doubling our web traffic with more focused leads and starting to generate residual new business slowly but surely.  Why do I give it away you ask?  Well if you are on this list I admire your company and the products and industry you are in.  I figure if I can help give you a great growth idea that helps your business too.  Perhaps you will look to us to help with some of the logistical pain points this year.

I hope you like this strategy and let me know if we can be of assistant in any of this.


The Hustle Method for Content Marketing Step by Step

  1. Search keyword terms in google that are most related to your business (and seem to lend themselves to action (ie   freight quote, ltl freight rates, not just “freight”), have substantial traffic, and people are paying more than the usual cost per click for ( this is a sign that the keyword converts into business usually)
  2. Search those terms in google and read all articles in the first 3 pages or so..
  3. Then write a similar but better, more in-depth, or personalized article/ blog post given your insights and persona and spin on the subject matter.
  4. Then reach out to all the non-directly competitive company’s whom rank in the first 3 or so pages of google for the same key term.
  5. Email them and in my case, I call them directly and ask them to link to my article. Additional stating why I think our content might be complementary to theirs and offer to link to their articles as well to help them also.   If they are not open to that I have also been showing them the content I have been creating and ask if they would like to collaborate on some similar content topics.   Or finally, I ask if they might be open to me writing a guest post of a similar nature curated for their specific audience’s interest or slant.
  6. To dig into the details and find the marketing manager at the particular company I use the same sales toolbox I use in cold calling.  Linkedin to find the exact person you want to reach ( in this case maybe the director of marketing),  to find email formats and email them first, then since I have maybe 100’s of thousands of cold calls, I call them and get them on the phone and ask them for the link and re-iterate why I think they should give it to me!   Not for everyone, I am sure but not many people do this I suspect so it makes you stand out!
  7. Also, Guest Posting can be huge long term.  If you see someone in your niche who seems to pop up everywhere as a guest blogger/contributor google their name and then select image search.   Search through the links and you can find the websites etc that they have posted guest content on, to build their authority and traffic ultimately.  Then you can reach out to the same sources and see if they might be open to your unique spin and content on their site/podcast/ etc.
  8. Some of these approaches do not work overnight.  However, by building out relevant content and great info-graphics, you will slowly but sure become an authority in your niche and your website ranking and traffic will rise.  Eventually leading to more relevant leads and sales.

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