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Managed transportation solutions from Easy Logistics Management and it’s partners, enables you to re-focus on growing your business. While leveraging our team of 3PL experts and industry leading Transportation Management System to manage your freight shipping needs. Whether you would like to outsource all of your logistics management or just a specific parts of your transportation needs.

We work as an extension of your team to design the right solution for your company’s logistics management needs. We work to  provide supply chain planning, day-to-day execution and strategic recommendations to reduce your freight costs. Thus  improving your operational processes and give you a competitive advantage while leveraging our 3PL Transportation Management System and technology

Quick Overview and Benefits of our Managed Transportation Services Program

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Managed Transportation Benefits
Managed Transportation Benefits

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Overview of the Benefits of our Managed Transportation Solutions

The Advantages of a Managed Transportation Solution

Gain Visibility

     Easy Logistics Management’s highly customizable freight shipping management system (FMS) provides transparency and visibility to all your shipments, rates, reporting and business intelligence to better inform decision makers using our advanced 3PL and Transportation Management System.

Increase Efficiency

     Utilize our technology, logistics management platforms and logistical experts to automate your processes and discover consolidation opportunities.

Reduce Overall Freight Costs

     Gain Access to our network of 34,000 carriers to better serve your logistics management needs for competitive pricing, quality-service and overall supply chain efficiencies.

Control Risk

     We’ve created a carrier qualification process to ensure only the best carriers are moving your freight within our Transportation Management System.

Welcome to a Full-Service Transportation Management Solution

     Easy Logistics Management and its partners will work with you to deliver the following value-added logistics services:

Logistics Consulting & Analysis

     Our teams will analyze your current logistics management process from shipment quoting and booking to delivery . We then deconstruct the process to design and implement transportation management systems and solutions in alignment with your goals and ultimate business growth objectives.

  • Supply chain discovery and needs analysis
  • Modal cost analysis & recommendations
  • Performance and cost benchmarking
  • Custom implementation and hands on training

Freight Carrier Management

     Leveraging our deep freight carrier relationships, negotiated rates and buying power within our network of 34,000+ carriers. Easy Logistics Management and its partners will provide you modal and carrier options at the most competitive rates for your freight shipping needs.

  • Carrier vetting & qualification process
  • Compliance audits
  • Bid process management
  • Freight cost reduction & freight contract negotiations
  • Fixed tariff, fixed-lane & spot-market
  • Carrier performance scorecards

Shipment Planning & Execution

     Every shipping client is different—and so is our arsenal of logistics management planning services. We strive to centralize and tailor our shipment processes to your unique business rules across every step of the shipment life cycle. We leverage our first in class web-based TMS/Transporatation Management System to ensure the successful execution of every shipment.  Whether it be inbound, outbound and third-party routed.

  • Carrier rating & routing
  • Shipment optimization & consolidation
  • Order tracking, tracing and exception management
  • Purchase order management
  • Vendor inbound freight management
  • Data integration

Dedicated Teams to work with you

     Acting as an extension of your team, our 3PL logistics management professionals work hand-in-hand to provide supply chain planning and day-to-day execution, leveraging our strategic partnerships to reduce overall freight costs and improve operational efficiencies.

  • KPI scorecards
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Value creation opportunities
  • Executive sponsorship
  • Best-In-Class industry updates
  • Continuous improvement implementation

Freight Bill Payment & Audit

     As a leader in providing customized freight invoice coding, approval, payment processing and reporting solutions, Easy Logistics Management and its partners can offer an outsourced method for better controlling and reduce your transportation expenses.

  • Shipment-level audit
  • Invoice & delivery settlement
  • Automated general ledger coding
  • Configurable & flexible business rules
  • Online summary payment options
  • Purchase order compliance reporting
  • Shipper and carrier payment visibility

Reporting & Performance Management

     Greatly enhance visibility into your freight spend with reporting tools that help you make data-driven decisions and positively impact your business. Track freight by mode, location, carrier and more. Get custom reports and quarterly consulting from your dedicated account team.

  • Standard & customized reports
  • Vendor & carrier metrics
  • Business intelligence reporting
  • Industry/customer COGS metrics

Transportation Management System

     Save large amounts of time and money with our transportation management system that provides end-to-end shipment management – from rates to payment – all in one easy to use online tool. Our TMS supports your operations with:

  • Order management & creation
  • Routing & multi-mode optimization
  • Dispatch & notification
  • Transit & delivery visibility
  • Freight audit & payment solutions
  • Customer billing
  • ERP and e-commerce data integration
  • Reporting & analytics
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