Freight Shipping and LTL shipping FMS Software

What is Freight Shipping and LTL shipping and how to further automate, economize, or outsource these shipping modes!


      Freight Shipping and more specifically LTL shipping is generally used to ship items that are 150 lbs+ and are large and/or cumbersome.  Most LTL shipping carrier’s cutoff is 12 linear ft of truck space, which hypothetically, could be 6 standard size pallets 48x40x up to 8ft.  Or up to 12 double stacked shorter pallets of no more than 48 inches in height approximately. 

     Some carriers allow for overlength items with an additional excessive length fee.  However, this generally does not include freight shipping items that take up the full width of the truck’s floor space.  LTL shipping also goes up to approximately 15,000 lbs in weight but can vary carrier to carrier.  Once your LTL shipping needs are over 12 linear ft or approximately 15,000 lbs.   Your freight shipping needs would be better served to get a volume truckload or partial truckload quote.  Sometimes from an LTL shipping carrier, but most likely a truckload freight shipping carrier who provides these types of services regularly.  Generally speaking the more pounds of material you ship, the less per pound it costs to ship.

Tricks and Tactics to get the best Freight Shipping and LTL shipping rate quotes consistently

     Most companies ultimately are looking for the best freight shipping quotes, both for their benefit and that of their clients.  Generally speaking, the more units you are freight shipping in your  LTL shipping loads.  The better your LTL shipping freight quote will be per item or per pound you are moving.  The same also goes for generally larger freight shipping via partial, volume, or full truckload carriers.

Leveraging a 3PL to achieve better freight shipping and LTL shipping rates in general!

      If you can’t send all orders and items in bulk, company’s can also leverage the freight shipping buyer power of a larger 3PL brokerage.   3PL Brokerages achieve better than normal freight shipping and LTL shipping rates, by negotiating with their carrier partners based on their aggregate freight shipping volume.   Achieving better freight rates than most company’s can achieve on their own.  Many of these 3PL brokerages provide easy to use freight management online tools.  Empowering you to compare freight shipping and ltl shipping rates from all carriers partners through one easy interface.  

Ways to automate and /or outsource the LTL shipping process. Automated FMS software, Outsourced Freight management staff, Fully Managed Transportation Solutions, etc.

     Many times companies can also lower their overall freight shipping and LTL shipping costs by automating many of the manual freight shipping tasks by leveraging Freight Management Software platforms.   These sophisticated software platforms can greatly reduce the overall work needed to quote, book, track, and provide transparency of freight shipping to your ultimate client.  Or if your firm is looking to eliminate shipping administration in house, some logistics management companies offer virtual freight shipping and ltl shipping management services.   Or if your logistical needs are more complex, these outsource freight shipping management service are sometimes referred to as Managed Transportation Services

Freight Shipping and LTL shipping FMS Software
Pro Number Tracking in automated TMS

Fast-Evolving Freight API’s for automating freight shipping from ERP software, E-Commerce Platforms, and other digital sales channels, etc.

     If you are looking to create even more efficiency and scalability in your freight shipping, many technology-forward companies are releasing freight automation apps.  These API based apps are built to automate quoting, booking, payment, and tracking of freight loads within top-rated e-commerce platforms and ERP platforms.   E-Commerce platforms like shopify, magentowoo-commerce, big commerce etc.   ERP business platforms like Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc to name a few.

freight shipping and ltl shipping API apps to make the process more automated

In Conclusion.......

       In conclusion, we have discussed what freight shipping and LTL shipping is in general terms.   We have showcased some of our favorite ways to economize, automate, or outsource freight shipping needs.  With the main focus on being lowering your overall freight shipping and LTL shipping costs!  While simultaneously leveraging software to automate and scale without necessarily having to increase your staff.  


Lets us help you better set up your freight shipping needs!

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  4. It’s good to learn that you can get a better quote when shipping by using freight or LTL shipments. My wife and I are wanting to start an online clothing company and we were wondering how we could get better quotes for when we ship to customers. I’ll be sure to tell her that we should use freight or LTL shipping companies.

  5. It was interesting when you explained that shipping freight quotes are generally per item or pound being moved. My uncle wants to find a quality fright hauling service for his manufacturing business this summer. I’ll share this info so he knows what to expect when discussing details and quotes with potential freight services soon.

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