Ltl freight shipping and how to further simplify, economize, automate or outsource your freight quote process


   Shipping big, heavy, cumbersome objects via LTL freight shipping can be a fairly complex endeavor.  However, if your logistics team can get organized and create some standard operating procedures.  Source and make use of good online LTL freight shipping software and pricing.   You should be able to simplify, economize, automate, and even outsource your LTL freight quoting process.  So read on and learn some of our best new ideas for making your LTL freight quoting process easy as possible.

Getting your shipping department organized for LTL freight shipping.

      First off dealing with LTL freight is always easier if your shipping team has established some baseline freight operating procedures. Have your warehouse or shipping office well organized and set up properly. Making it easy to best quantify what you are shipping to eliminate freight adjustment headaches after the fact.


           Ideally, creating a Bullet Proof Item or Sku Master that lists all products you are proposing to ship LTL freight and get freight quotes for.  Listing products dimensions, weights, density, freight class, and NMFC code as the products are boxed and/or palletized and ship.  Your pack slips for each ltl freight shipment, should also ideally reference the same sku or product description as used in your Item Master.   Also having a freight scale that can print out a digital weight receipt, per freight quote will also greatly simplify your long-term freight quote and LTL shipping process.

LTL Freight Adjustment Eliminating Item Master

LTL Shipping Item Master Example

Select and use an Easy Automated Freight Management Software and/ or Transportation Management Software

     Many technology-forward freight companies and especially 3PL freight brokerages can offer easy-to-use freight shipping software.   By leveraging these easy-to-use LTL Freight Shipping software.  It will allow your team to freight quote loads faster with multiple carriers, making the freight quoting process faster.   Further ensuring your chance of getting the best possible freight shipping price in every lane.

     Most new Freight Management software or FMS also allows for easy online booking, Bill of Lading creation,  online or email freight tracking, and claims management should your cargo be damaged in transit.  Making an LTL freight shipping process that would have taken multiple people and lots of phone calls; easy to handle with minimal staff.


Connect your Freight Software and Rates Direct to your E-Commerce, ERP software, or Warehouse Management Software..

      Now many technology-forward 3PL and trucking companies can even allow you to connect their freight shipping rates and carrier options direct to your Website or internal business software.  Allowing your clients to place their orders, choose their preferred freight quote and carrier, and pay for and finalize the order.  

      Taking advantage of these new API Freight Automation apps for E-commerce sites and ERP business software can greatly streamline and automate your LTL freight shipping procedures.  Allowing your shipping department to truly scale without adding additional headcount to manage the process.

Logistics API's and Freight API automation

Look into a shared truckload shipping service if your products are large, cumbersome, easily damaged, or are class/ sku heavy..

      If your products are truly large, complex, or fragile to prep and ship. Looking for a shared truckload freight service might be a good option.   There are not many 3PL freight shipping companies offering this yet.  However, they can essentially allow you to ship LTL Freight on dedicated trucks, with 1 driver and no cross-docking.  Drastically reducing transit-related damages, costs, and headaches associated with properly classifying your freight.   If you can find a good shared truckload service for your LTL freight quotes it can be a game-changer!

Shared Truckload Freight Shipping Benefits

Outsource your load booking to a Virtual Assistant:

      If your company is struggling to hire adequate professional staff and pay for them, innovative outsourced shipping manager programs could be a great answer.  Some creative LTL freight companies can provide low-cost, well-trained overseas freight staff.  That can essentially do anything domestic shipping personnel can do via phone, computer, etc.  Allowing your firm to do more with less and just make sure your LTL freight loads are prepped for pickup.


    If you like any of these creative LTL freight shipping ideas we would be happy to show you how we can help.  At Easy Logistics Management our focus has always been on finding creative ways to further simplify, automate, economize, or simply outsource LTL freight shipping busywork.


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