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Shopify freight shipping: Easily automate your E-Commerce Freight Shipping now!


      Lets face it consumers want more choice and flexibility of how they buy their products and especially how they take delivery of those products.   The internet and e-commerce stores have forever changed the face of how we can research, find, and purchase most products.

   The default way to shop used to be driving to a few stores to look for specific items you were interested in purchasing.   Now with the rise of e-commerce and robust e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woo-Commerce and others it has never been easier to market and sell products virtually anywhere.

    For smaller products it has not been as challenging to buy and set up shipping of the goods you have sold or purchased.  However larger items like BBQ’s , picnic tables, surf boards, e-bikes, that traditionally ship on larger freight truck has remained fairly manual and cumbersome. Many consumer would like even more complex ship options automated like white glove service or final mile freight services.

API Automation Making LTL and Freight shipping automation Easy

     With the Rise of API automation or Application Programming Interface connecting various softwares has become even easier.   This in large part has opened the door for technology forward freight companies and freight brokerages to automate the quoting, booking, and tracking freight processes with online shopping software.  

LTL Freight Shipping for Shopify, Magento, Woo- Commerce Automation/ Integration Functions

Simple Explanation Video For our new freight shipping apps. Going Live July 24th!

shopify e-commerce freight shipping automation
shopify freight shipping overview

Shopify Shopping Cart Page : Add Shipping Destination Info to Calclate Freight Shipping Rates

Shopify Shopping Cart Add Shipping Information

Shopify Freight Shipping Delivery Accessorial Selection Page

shopify freight shipping accessorial selection page

Shopify Checkout page where clients can pay for product and select freight shipping method and pay for everything in 1 shot!

shopify freight shipping for overland expo c

Shopify Freight Shipping and Woocommerce Freight Plugin and other Fixed API functions we can provide to other E-Commerce and popular ERP Softwares


Using Rest Web Service API, SMTP, XML and EDI, GTZintegrate automates the flow of these logistics operations into your business systems and Transportation Management System:

    • Rating
    • Tendering
    • Dispatch
    • Bill of Lading
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Reweigh/Reclass
    • TrackingTransit Times
    • Customs Documentation
    • Delivery Receipt
    • Acceptance/Rejection
    • Acknowledgment
    • Invoicing & Remittance
    • Multi-Modal Status
    • Inventory Management
    • Customer Configured Development

Connect Your Freight Operations with Critical Business Systems

LTL Freight shipping for the most popular e-commerce platforms like shopify, magento, and woo-commerce

  Now companies that sell larger, heavier items like BBQ’s, Electric Bikes, Motorcycles, and the like can automate the freight shipping process to their chosen e-commerce or other online retail store.  Allowing clients to buy larger products, choose their LTL freight  or other freight shipping carrier and price of choice, and pay for the whole thing in one online transaction.   

     This is already especially easy with larger more popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify freight shipping, MagentoWOOCommerce freight plugin, and the list keeps on growing.   Where we already have pre-built Fixed API integrations for automating shopify freight shipping and woocommerce freight plugin for e-commerce, etc that you can basically configure with few menu selections.  Or check out our open API that can connect our best freight rates and carriers to basically any platform!

More Flexibility of How you can sell and Freight ship larger cumbersome proucts!

      Now that freight and freight brokerage companies can automate LTL freight and freight shipping for shopify, magento, and woo-commerce, companies have more flexibility to sell and ship large items almost anywhere.   Does your client want pick up at the store, fine we can do that, do they want their purchases LTL freight shipped directly to their home? No Problem!  We can even help you set up a 3PL warehouse to ship from closer to your end clients if you like

In Conclusion

      With the ability to easily connect LTL freight shipping services with shopify, magento, Woo-Commerce, and other online retail channels.  Sellers and their clients now have more flexibility of what the can sell/buy virtually anywhere.   If your firm would like help scoping out and setting up shopify freight shipping , woocommerce freight plugin, or freight shipping for magento or other online retail channels we can help.

Connect with us for Shopify Freight Shipping, Magento Freight Shipping, or Woo-Commerce Freight Plugin help!

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