Clear Lane Freight: Economical and Environmentally Friendly!


Clear Lane Freight: an Economical and Environmentally Friendly option for non-time sensitive LTL shipments!

     Clear Lane Freight has been an economical long-haul LTL partner of ours since around 2012.  Founded by 2 industry veterans Tom Nagel and Ingi Torfason.  Their goal was to provide much needed economical long-haul LTL services.  Clear Lane is an LTL provider dedicated exclusively to the 3PL Industry.  Clear Lane’s business model was to use Technology to leverage available capacity of regional LTL carriers for timely pick-up and delivery to their strategically located consolidation hubs.  Then consolidate and ship loads via intermodal service, ensuring capacity and price stability.

      Moving these less time sensitive shipments via intermodal providers 3PL partners and their shipping clients more capacity, better overall pricing, and is a much more environmentally friendly option to transport cargo in long haul lanes.

Clear Lane Freight Transit Times and Lanes

Clear Lane Freight Transit Time Map California Outbound

Advantages of Using Clear Lane Freight's Consolidated LTL Services:

Low Claims Ratio

     Clear Lane’s claim ratio is less the .5%!   This is in large part due to limited handling, careful handling, and use of sophisticated claim prevention tools.

Personalized Customer Service

       Clear Lane takes pride in offering personalized customer service that differentiates them from their competitors.   3PL’s and their customers can take advantage of their call back feature if lines are busier than normal.  Customers also have the option to self-service using their sophisticated web tools for tracking/tracing, document retrieval, quotes, and a transit time calculator.

Economical LTL Shipping Option

         Is your organization is looking to reduce the cost of shipping for less time sensitive loads?   Clear Lane’s network of nationwide agent pick-up and delivery partners and super-efficient intermodal line-haul network provide dependable LTL services at a price that most asset-based carriers cannot beat.

Clear Lane Online Freight Tracking

      Clear Lane provides our company and shipping customers robust, simple to use, online tools for tracking and dealing with all LTL shipments needs.

Eco- Friendly LTL Shipping Option

    Clear Lane is committed to reducing its carbon footprint throughout its transportation network by:

  • Loading trailers and containers to full capacity to reduce trips and fuel usage.
  • Using intermodal shipping methods in long-haul lanes. Intermodal shipping is 4x more efficient than shipping via traditional truck and reduces greenhouse gas emission by 75%!

Clear Lane Freight an excellent option for Reverse logistics and Returns!

     Clear Lane Freight’s Economical, Non-Time Sensitive services can be perfect for returns and reverse logistics projects.  Clear Lane currently handles these type of reverse logistics projects for several larger retailers of note.     

       They can either perform consolidation of returns via truckloads or handle the shipments within their LTL network.  As a result, they make a great partner for companies that are looking to reduce costs of returned products.

Clear Lane Partners with Estes Express

  Clear Lane Freight is now an affiliated company of Estes Express, the nation’s largest privately-owned freight transportation carrier. This affiliation further strengthens Clear Lanes capabilities as they now have more resources to help your business with all your long-haul LTL needs.  Since the affiliation with Estes Express, Clear Lane has already experienced a 20% improvement in transit time performance.

In Conclusion:


         If you are looking for an economical more environmentally friendly way to transport non-time sensitive cargo Clear Lane Freight is a excellent option!  Contact us if you would like to explore using clear freights service and get a rate quote today!

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