Logistics API's and Freight API automation

Logistics API And Freight API: New Open APIs To Connect Our Top Carriers And Best Freight Rates To Any Platform!

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      Recently, we have been launching quite a few fixed APIs for freight and logistics management.   Allowing our clients to connect our top freight carriers and best new freight rates to top-rated E-Commerce and ERP Business Software.     With the help of a company called Eniture Technology, we now have API freight automation apps for ShopifyWoo- Commerce, and Magento  E-Commerce platforms.  As well as ERP platforms like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics.

     Regardless of what API enabled platform, you would like to use our Open freight API to connect with.  We are very excited about how these API automations will save your organization time, energy, and headaches.  Helping to eliminate more of your manual logistical and freight shipping process.   Properly leveraged, these open logistics API’s can allow your organization to scale and get orders out in the fastest manner possible, with a high level of transparency to all parties.

     Please see the below links to our 3 main freight api and logistics api automation for rating, shipment dispatch, and tracking.   If you or your team have questions or would like to schedule a short meeting.  We would be happy to help you better understand how these open logistical API’s can benefit your organization’s overall logistical process.

Here is a video of how our open and fixed API freight apps work with E-Commerce and other Platforms like ERP software.

Rating Freight Shipment API

Dispatch and BOL Creation

Freight Tracking Automation

     Using the Rate API, you can accomplish the auto-quoting use case needed for e-commerce, and expand to automate order placement and tracking via the other two as well. Set up is fairly straight forward – use of this API incurs no extra charges and is enabled by default, however you will need to authenticate using:

  • A customer-specific access key generated by us at api support (or, bcc0ec4997814c74a854f9a738a58cbd for development). When you’re ready to go live, let us know and we’ll get this sent over.
  • A basic auth header with your GTZShip username and password (or, apitesting:Agent%9999 for development). Note that although GTZShip allows logins with either the username or email address associated with that account, you can only use your username for the API. A high-level view of the whole API process is as such: 1. Your application makes a call to our Rate API with various information about origin, destination, and items being shipped. 2. We respond with our best available quotes, each identified by a quote ID. 3. Once the desired quote is selected and your user has checked out, your application can make a call to our Shipment API using the quote ID from that desired quote and some additional details necessary for delivery (street address, open and close times, contact info, etc) to place an order for that shipment. Note that a quote ID can only be used once, so when testing you will need to pull new quotes each time. 4. We return a BOL number along with some other of the info from the order for easy referencing. 5. Your application can then make a call to our Tracking API using the BOL number and destination zip code to return up-to-date tracking info at any time.

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