RFP Template for Freight

Freight RFP Template: Automated to make the process EASY!

RFP Template for Freight

How to Automate Your Truckload RFP Process and Get Massive Cost Savings

     Did you know that an equivalent of 5 out of every 100 truckloads run empty on backhauls? Even when they are loaded, their average utilization stands at an abysmal 66%. Truckload freight vendors suffer tremendous losses due to systemic inefficiencies. Freight shippers can utilize this to get the best deals on their truckload RFPs.

     Truckload RFPs align freight shipping prices with the logistical requirements of the company. An effective truckload RFP process meets the dynamic shipping needs of the company while fetching them the best prices on their transportation requirements.

      But how can businesses be 100% certain that they are getting the best prices with their truckload RFPs?

     To understand this, we must take a step back and look at how truckload RFPs work.

What is a Truckload RFP or Truckload Request for Proposal?

In general, a request for proposal is a document that articulates the specific business requirements of a company.

It typically calls for customized solutions and pricing bids from various vendors to meet those specific requirements. In response, interested vendors send proposals that include pricing quotations. The pricing could either be a fixed amount, a variable amount, or a floating price based on several factors.

In the logistics and freight industry, truckload RFPs are requests for proposals by businesses with logistical needs and they are “broadcasted” to truckload freight vendors. The RFP document details the shipment needs of the company, such as what they are shipping, where they are shipping, how much they are shipping, and so on.

Vendors often use standard RFP templates to streamline the process.




How RFP Templates Simplify Truckload RFP Process?

RFP Templates offer several benefits that make it easier and more efficient for vendors to send proposals. Here’s how:

  • They have standard information fields, which ensure that the businesses get clear, precise, and sufficient information they need about the vendor solution and prices


  • By itemizing all the crucial information fields, RFP templates save precious time for vendors. For this reason, companies that generate truckload RFPs can set a shorter deadline and get faster responses.


  • Trucking vendors often work with hundreds, if not thousands, of clients. So, they don’t always find it possible to respond to every RFP in the market. Allowing them to use templates makes it easier for them to respond, which means that businesses receive more responses from a wider net of vendors.


Use Automated Truckload RFP Software to Accelerate The Process

Automated truckload RFP software have revolutionized the truckload RFP process. Here are some of the benefits they can offer you:

1.     Dynamic Truckload RFP

Truckload RFPs are traditionally a tedious process. They are usually done once a year. However, the freight rates fluctuate throughout the year. In effect, businesses often pay higher than ideal prices on their freight.


Automated truckload RFP software offer dynamic RFPs. You can generate them throughout the year and get the best prices based on prevailing rates.


2.     Better Results

Automated truckload RFP software often have thousands of vetted freight vendors on the platform to respond to your truckload RFPs swiftly. You can also check their live rates in real-time and make more data-driven decisions.


3.     Better Utilization

If your trailer is running empty or at low utilization on the backhaul, you can use automated truckload RFP software to sell your unused capacity for covering the costs and even making additional profits.





Get Started with Automated Truckload RFP Software

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