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Keyword Research and Content Marketing Strategies to make your ranking soar!


Key Word Research and Proper Content Marketing Strategy Versus Sales

     I have worked in sales a long time and have made 100,000’s of sales calls to build our logistics management and other business.  Although it works and is an economical way to grow a company initially, eventually it’s a grind.  I have also always blogged and written articles about logistical topics, tools, and tricks.  That I believed would help and interest our growing list of contacts.   I figured if I just kept writing, eventually, people would like our ideas and suggestions and it will snowball into residual interested companies we could work with long term.

       I did write a heap of articles over the last 11 years, but only a handful of the articles got any traction and brought in occasional interested parties.   As you might guess that also meant we were having to still make sales calls to grow our business.   For the life of me, I could not figure out why my articles were so bad and nobody was interested in the topics nor reading them.


Learning to do Key Word Research the Right Way!

     Then the Corona Virus Pandemic hit in March 2020 and many businesses just shut down or their employees were sheltering in place.   The last thing our prospects wanted was to be cold-called for business in the middle of a pandemic.   This is when I finally forced myself to learn and understand keyword research, content marketing, and content marketing strategy.

       To begin it really just comes down to good keyword word research. Unless you’re a sexy Instagram model or have some fabulous tech product no one has ever dreamed of and everyone wants.  You need to understand keyword research.   Understanding how to do proper keyword research empowers you to first understand what your prospective clients are searching and looking for on the internet.   You can then take these keyword search topics that most closely pertain to what your business does or offers.  Creating educational/ informational articles around them. 

Using Key Words to Frame your Content Marketing Topics from the beginning!

     Using the keyword as the topic, you can provide best practices and informational education into the article with your unique point of view or spin on the subject matter.  This can ultimately lead to a bit of a sales pitch as to why your company, product, service, or team is best qualified to help with the topic.  However, the emphasis of the article needs to be mostly educational.  Ultimately it comes down to the keyword research initially, to set your content marketing, article writing, or blogging up for success. 

      I might have been able to create traffic or interest eventually, using my personal interests or topics I thought might be interesting/useful to my reader.  However, it takes forever and really may never work unless you have a very sexy or unique offering.   Having 5x our web traffic this last 6-12 months during the pandemic, my new mantra is don’t try and create traffic, get in front of the traffic that already exists!

How to Pick the Best Keywords to Write Articles or Frame your Content Marketing around are:


  • Keywords or phrases that most closely pertain to what your business does and does well.
  • Keywords that have enough traffic to make it worth writing an article about.
  • Keywords that have a low enough SEO competition score so you can rank for them fairly quickly 3-5 months or less.
  • Bonus prize if you can also pick the words that people are paying exorbitantly more per click for on paid advertising. This usually indicates that the keyword /phrase converts to clients, business, money, bitcoin, etc.! You get the drift! 😊

Create Content Marketing or Articles around those keywords and your web traffic and rankings will soar fast!

     Once you have well-picked keywords you can more easily rank your articles around those keywords.  Being much more confident if you provide good educational/ information content marketing articles with your spin around those topics it will pay off.   Boosting your website’s relevant traffic, much faster, with companies or customers looking for what your company does, makes, or sells.  Ultimately generating phone calls, emails, or web inquiries to your company from interested parties.

     I have used this same basic recipe to 5x our web traffic in the last 6-12 months compared to 2 sales reps making sales calls all day long.   I still don’t mind calling on companies I truly admire or make awesome products I want to work with.  However, it is amazing to have companies now approaching us to see how our services and know-how can benefit their company, especially in the hyper-competitive logistics and freight industry.   

      If your firm would like help figuring out which keywords to focus on we can help.  If you are a current client of ours or would consider letting us handle your logistics I will most likely help you pro-bona as this will benefit us all.   If you simply want our keyword research help to come up with a killer list of words/phrases to frame your content marketing and article writing around, we will simply charge you a flat fee.  Your marketing team will still have to write the articles and do the work, but I can help you market with a laser-like focus that will pay off sooner than later.  

Killer Key Word Research List we will provide:

  • Keywords or phrases pertaining to your business offering
  • Searches per month
  • SEO Competition score
  • Pay per Click price companies are paying (a big indicator of conversion)
  • If for some reason there is no search information for your particular niche I will not charge you.

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