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Freight Tracking: How it Works and How FMS Software Make It Easy

Freight tracking is integral to every smooth and reliable logistics process. Businesses cannot ignore its importance, no matter the industry in which they operate. Having the capability to track your shipment in real-time has been a groundbreaking milestone for businesses with a logistics arm.

Benefits of Freight Tracking

The modern customer is highly demanding. For them, shopping is more than a product purchase. They wish to be in control of their shopping experience at every step. They want to know where their product is, when it will reach them, and get updates on every milestone in its journey. It’s the entire experience that counts, and that includes fulfillment.

The benefits of freight tracking are not limited to customer satisfaction alone. Real-time freight tracking gives businesses the information they need to improve their logistics processes – save costs, improve delivery speed, and optimize routes.

What’s more, when customers can easily track their shipment status, they won’t be taking up customer service’s precious time requesting updates.

With so many benefits on offer, freight tracking is a critical aspect of logistics for businesses.

How Freight Tracking Works

At its core, freight tracking is driven by an ecosystem of technologies that often include onboard GPS, RFID tags, electronic logging devices (ELDs), telematics, GPRS, barcodes, and more.

All these technologies work together to empower trucking businesses to develop real-time, or at least near-real-time, freight tracking capabilities.

How Advanced Freight Management Software (FMS) Can Help with Freight Tracking

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Application Programming Interface (API) technologies make it possible for trucking businesses to share their freight tracking data with freight management software. This way, modern freight management software use EDI and API technologies to get freight tracking data from thousands of delivery partners, logistics providers, and carriers.

FMS solutions make it possible for businesses to view the freight tracking data of all their shipments across several different carriers through the same interface. With FMS solutions, freight tracking is easy, convenient, and reliable.


Automating Freight Tracking with FMS

FMS solutions radically improve the ease with which various stakeholders exchange data between them. Like shipment carriers sharing real-time freight tracking information with their clients, shippers too can share that information with their customers.

Automated emails and text messages with freight tracking links can be sent to customers, sales reps, and other parties in the loop, as soon as the information is available to shippers.

Freight tracking can even be integrated with accounts payable to automate invoice generation or initiate payments to carriers on fulfillment.


Freight tracking gives customers, shippers, and trucking agencies better control over what matters to them.

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