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New Penn freight tracking software

    New Penn shipment tracking is made quick, easy, and effortless with Easy Logistics Management. Track your New Penn shipments, get timely updates, and schedule your shipments at the best prices available in the industry with our freight management software.

Track your New Penn shipment by entering the Shipment ID.  See our freight tracking automation here.

New Penn Tracking with Shipment ID

     The easiest way to track your New Penn shipment is with the shipment ID. You probably received it in your booking confirmation email or the registered mobile number you used during booking. You can use the Shipment ID to get latest updates on the location and status of your shipment.

Freight Scheduling with New Penn

     New Penn is one of the oldest logistics carriers in North America. They were established way back in 1931 and offer next-day, day-definite, and time-definitive regional LTL services across the northeastern United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Today, they are one of the most reliable LTL carriers for businesses with logistics needs in their coverage areas.

New Penn offers highly competitive prices and remarkably reliable services to its customers. Businesses often rely on New Penn’s award-winning, timely services to meet their customers’ delivery expectations and even exceed them.

If you are a business looking to book your LTL shipments with New Penn, the smartest way to do it is with Easy Logistics Management. Our freight management software (FMS) simplifies booking, tracking, and management of your shipment. The best part – our software’ built-in features allow you to get the best freight rates for your shipments with New Penn and hundreds of other freight carriers.

New Penn Tracking Methods

     New Penn leverages technology to give its customers a high degree of visibility into their shipments’ location and status. Businesses seeking latest updates on their shipments with New Penn can use the following methods:

Visit New Penn Website

New Penn’s new website allows its customers to track their shipments in five ways. You can use any of the following information to get the latest updates on your shipments:

·        PRO number

·        Bill of Landing Number

·        PO Number

·        Booking Number

·        Load Number

Use Easy Logistics Management's FMS

Globaltranz TMS Software

Our FMS makes it effortless for you to track your New Penn shipment. You don’t have to visit each freight carrier’s website to track the shipments with them.

Our FMS software manages over $6 billion in collective freight spend annually and features powerful freight management capabilities that simplify logistics for your organization. All your shipments can be managed from a single interface, so that all the shipping information is consolidated in one place. That way, you can track all your shipments with various carriers effortlessly from one place.

You can also fetch shipping rates from New Penn and hundreds of other preferred carriers, filter them based on your needs, book the shipments, schedule them, and manage them with ease.


Highlights of New Penn's Logistical Services

New Penn is best-known for the quality of its services and is hardly matched by the competition in its core service areas. Here’s why businesses rely on New Penn for their shipment deliveries:

  • Speed

95% of all their shipments are next-day delivery shipments. That’s the kind of speed they offer.


  • Reliability

Expect event-free shipping experience with New Penn. With 99.8% claim-free shipping to their credit, they are the definition of smooth shipping experience.


  • Customer Focus

With a distinct emphasis on customer satisfaction, New Penn has invested heavily into technology to give its customers superior visibility, transparency, and updates on the movement of their shipments.


When timeliness and speed are the need of the hour, New Penn rises above the competition.

Want to connect New Penn freight shipping to your website or ERP?

     Recently we launched some very exciting freight shipping API automation apps.  Allowing you to connect our industry leading freight rates rates with New Penn and 100’s of top carriers to your E-Commerce or ERP Business software easily.  See recent article for all pertinent details.

Want better freight rates and Tracking with New Penn?

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