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Ward Tracking: Making it easier and more automated

Ward freight tracking: Easy ways to track your freight

If you are looking for an easy, automatic, and pain-free method to track all your shipment and deliveries with the ward tracking option of Ward Transport & Logistics or any of our 100s of trucking companies’ partners we have you covered. Our online freight management portal GTZship is the ultimate solution for you to track all your shipments. It helps you to track all your shipments side by side, load by load, in a very efficient and easy-to-use interface. Indeed, it will save the time of your logistics team and will help you to stay ahead of schedule. Above all, it will provide the most cost-effective options to manage your freights because only Easy Logistics Management has a unique position to negotiate the best offerings for you.  

What is Ward Transport & Logistics and what sets them apart?

Ward Transport & logistic is one of the leading transport and logistics companies in North America. The starting of Ward Transport & Logistics was humble but the company has a rich history. It all started in 1931 with a single truck and two guys. Indeed, it was a humble beginning but over the last ninety years, this enterprise has grown to be a leading group under the fourth generation of its founder.

The rich history, quality services, and wide coverage of the North American region set Ward Transport & Logistic apart from their competition. They are providing services for almost a century and therefore, they have managed to build systems that can provide top-quality services in all the areas of freight and transport.

What freight services does Ward Transportation offer?

The services of Ward Transport and Logistics are divided into two categories. The first category is related to Ward Transport LTL Freight and the second is Ward Logistics. Here is the detail of the services that this company is providing under both categories.


Ward Transport LTL Freight

  • Service Centers across North America especially in US and Canada
  • Service Area Maps
  • Pool Distribution for efficient resource management
  • Guaranteed Delivery Service
  • Technology and Integration Equipment
  • Protection from freeze service

Ward Logistics

  • Warehouses availability across North America
  • Brokerage options for other organizations
  • Expedited Deliveries
  • Dedicated Solutions for companies

What regions of North America do they service /ship to

Ward Transport & Logistics serves all over the United States and Canada. For this purpose, they have divided their territory into seven different regions. These regions are Ward Canada, Ward Northeast, Ward Midwest, Ward Southeast, Ward Southwest, Ward West Coast, and Ward Direct.

As the name shows, Ward direct is the area where they provide direct services while Ward Canada is all of their territory in Canada. All of the shipments in these areas are covered by ward tracking and our software provides all information regarding shipping to these regions in North America.

How to get better tracking, automation, and Service with Easy Logistics Management with this carrier via our easy to use online GTZ ship Freight Management Software

Our GTZ ship freight management software is the ultimate solution to get better tracking, automation, and service from Ward Transport & Logistics. Here is how our online GTZ ship Freight management software will help you:-

One Dashboard for all of your Booking

Our online freight management software is the one-stop solution for every transport and logistics need. If you are shipping through different modes like air, sea, or by road, we got you covered. Everything will be on the same dashboard. Moreover, even if your shipping requires you to hire different shipping providers, then you can integrate all of them into our software through our amazing features. In short, our one dashboard will be enough to handle all of your requirements.

Load by Load and Shipment by Shipment details

Online GTZ ship freight management software will provide you with the complete details of your every load and every shipment. The built-in features will help your logistics team to tack and check all the shipments even by every load. In this way, you will save resources in terms of finances, time, and effort.

Ready to be used for all shipping modes like international, air freight, and parcel, etc

No matter what your unique needs are, online GTZ ship freight management software will cover all of your needs. It is ready to be used for any of your shipping modes like international shipping, air freight, or parcel deliveries. It is a one-stop solution that you can integrate with all of the major service providers.

Easy Automated Tracking for the client, Logistics teams, Sales team, and Company management

Tracking is the key to the logistics, shipping, and transport business. However, the old methods of calling and asking are of no use. Furthermore, checking online with every shipment is a time-consuming and costly task. Therefore, you need a solution! This solution is our software that can track all of your shipments and provide you with real-time information on your dashboard.

Integration of software with 100s of freight and transport companies

Every other freight and transport company provides its tracking via online services. However, it is not easy to track multiple packages with multiple companies. Therefore, our online freight management software is the best solution for you as it can be integrated with the software of 100s of freight and transport companies.

Want to get better pricing with this carrier?

It is a basic rule of the world that the entity that has bargaining power can negotiate the best price. Easy logistics management has a great bargaining power because it can leverage $6 billion in annual freight buying power. Therefore, it can get the best-discounted prices to provide you with better pricing options. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about LTL (Less than Load) because Easy logistics management has a lot of loads to adjust. Therefore, you will get better pricing. On top of that, you will save the costs of managing because our easy-to-use freight management software to ship with this carrier and 100’s more will save your time and financial resources. Above all, our online software provides you with a direct quotation from all the major companies on your dashboard. What else you can imagine?


In conclusion, tracking multiple shipments with multiple service providers is a pain in the neck. It consumes your most precious resources like time, money, effort, and energy. Therefore, consider our online GTZ ship freight management software to track, automate, efficiently order shipment.

Want better tracking and freight automation with Ward Trucking? Connect with us for a quick demo of our FMS.

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