what is a freight bill of lading

What Is A Bill Of Lading For Freight Shipping?


Bill of Lading are issued every day, but there are very few people who truly understand its significance.

However, Bill of Lading (BOL or BL) is one of the key documents of freight shipping.

Besides, acting as evidence of a contract between the shipper and the carrier, BOL also serves as a receipt of freight goods and services.

What Is A Bill Of Lading?

Basically, Bill of Lading is a legal form that documents goods being shipped from a shipper to the recipient through a freight carrier.

The document includes the type of goods in the shipment, the number of units, the destination address, and the carrier name. Since this document acts a transport document, it should always be included in a transaction of shipped products.

This is what a bill of lading should look like:

What Are Details Included In A Bill Of Lading?

  • Name and address of the shipper and the receiver
  • Special reference numbers or purchase order
  • A list of items included (how many pieces, boxes or skids)
  • A written description of the goods
  • The weight of the cargo
  • Numbers, marks, and other identifying details
  • Shipment details, which includes the time and place of the pickup, the loading or export date, and other information needed to verify the added terms
  • Party responsible for Freight Charges 
  • Department of Transportation hazardous material designation for hazardous goods

What Is The Importance Of Bill Of Lading?

  • Evidence of Contract of Carriage

BOL acts a proof of the contract between the “Freight owner or shipper” and the “Carrier” to do the transportation as per the agreement between the buyer and the seller.

  • Document of the title

The document of title means the freight can be transferred to the owner of the BL.

  • Receipt of goods

The carrier issues the bill of lading to the shipper in trade for the receipt of the freight. The issuance of this bill proves that the carrier has received the products from the shipper in good condition and order, as consigned by the shipper.


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