Truckload Freight

New Truckload Freight Operations and SOP: How this will yield faster service, more control, and better truckload freight rates!


How our new truckload freight operating procedure is changing

     Easy Logistics Management is now taking over complete control of our Truckload Freight Operations!   What does this mean for you, our customer, or prospective customer?  Faster truckload shipping rates turn around, more truckload freight rate insight and market analysis.  Ultimately, more control drilling into specific carriers and pricing, to get you the best truckload freight rates possible like never before!

       Armed with the latest pro version of, and DAT One, we can now drill directly into your Truckload Freight needs fast.  Allowing us run truckload freight rates instantly, drilling into exact carriers and pricing live, and sourcing capacity lightening fast, for all your truckload freight needs.  We are a top-notch LTL freight management company, and now we are armed to provide you the best possible truckload freight service and pricing too!

Truckload Freight

New direct access to DAT and online Brokerage tools

    Leveraging the power of DAT and  Pro Broker tools, we now have instant visibility of the market trends in truckload for all asset types.  From Dry Van Full truckload, to Flatbed , to low boys, auto carriers, boat carriers you name it.  Instantly being able to see how price per mile and all in pricing is trending over the last 12 months.   This allows us to quickly see the range of price similar loads are being booked for in real time. 


       Further empowering our team to give you instant truckload quotes!  So we can get started sourcing capacity or negotiating further with carriers directly who are in the area and can run your freight.  No more waiting for our bloated truckload division with 100’s of people to shoot us over a quote that is not all that great.  We can now see your truckload shipping through instant quote to booking and dispatching the carrier, we are your one source for Truckload freight

Truckload Freight Rates Faster

Faster truckload freight quote turn around

Like I had alluded to early, having access to these Pro Brokerage online tools allows us to quote loads instantly.   Empowering us all to waste less time, move more loads faster, more economically ,and service our client’s truckload freight rates needs the best way possible.


    So give us a call or email us today to get a lightning-fast truckload quote at .  My small but growing team is here to service your truckload freight needs to the best of our ability.


More full truckload freight industry insight and trends per quote/load/ opportunity

My team now has visibility of 12-month rolling averages for each and every lane you ask us to quote.    DAT and also give their recommended range of pricing per load depending on how fast you need to source truckload  freight capacity.   Need your load picked up the same day, we may need to pay a bit more.  Have a few days till pick up, we can drill into your load to source the best pricing for your needs!


truckload freight instant carrier access

Faster Negotiations with interested Truckers to try and drive down your truckload shipping rates even further

Need the best possible price for your truckload shipment?  Our PRO truckload tools allow us to email and call each carrier that is within 100 miles of your pickup.  Allowing us to negotiate even further to find you the best possible truckload freight rates!


How our Truckload Operations and Pricing Process is improving:

  • Quicker turn around on full truckload freight rates. Literally, almost instant quotes now!
  • More industry insight on how full truckload rates are trending and how many loads per truck are out there in your lanes over the last 12 months.
  • More control on negotiating buy rates with truckers and dispatch teams directly to bring you the best price fast!
  • Faster load booking and more control to get your load picked quickly and on time!
  • Same great hands on customer service we provide with LTL shipping, now for your partial truckload and full truckload


Faster Load Booking and Finalization for your Truckload Shipments

As soon as we have found a trucker who will carry your load at an acceptable rate, and you have signed off on it.  We can begin instantly, building and dispatching the load to speed up the whole quote to pick up process.   Allowing us all to waste less time and get more done, with our team doing most if not all of the work for you.   So your team can focus on more significant picture issues and growing your company and sales.


Conclusion: Overall Faster, More Control, More Insight, and Better Customer Service for your Truckload shipping needs

     In Conclusion, if you are new to moving larger truckload shipments or just need faster, better help moving your larger loads, we are now much better armed to help you with FTL and partial truckload moves.  My team is now handling truckload quoting, pricing trend analysis of the market per lane, and negotiating and scheduling with carriers directly .  Giving us much better insight and control over the whole full truckload process.   So if you and your team want to leverage our same small trusted team for your truckload freight operations we are armed and ready to service your needs even better this year forward.  So give us a call or email us, so we can show you how we can handle your full truckload shipping needs even better.


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