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Hey, hey, hey, everybody. It’s Jeremy with Easy Logistics Management, here today to talk to you about another portion of our business. A lot of it deals with my hobbies and passions, but a lot of people ask me why we deal so heavily in motorcycle and electric motorcycle shipping. My answer to them is because I love to ride motorcycles. Why wouldn’t you revolve your business around your hobbies and passions and deal with people that you are excited about the products that they make and distribute and love?


We’ve made a lot of what we do logistically and warehouse and distribution wise revolve around the things that I most love and my favorite hobbies and outdoor sports, generally. One of those happens to be motorcycles and electric motorcycles. I personally ride a KTM 500 EXC. I’m hoping my next bike is an electric trials bike or a Stark VARG, perhaps.


The future looks bright for the motorcycle industry, especially with all the electrification. I wanted to walk you through some of the things that my logistics and warehousing company can do to help you further automate, economize, or simply better manage your logistics of your motorcycle and electric motorcycle shipments, or anything that’s similar in size and weight to that.


Number one, we have excellent discounts with FedEx and UPS, including residential surcharge exemptions, holiday surcharge exemptions—that’s coming up—oversize and overweight exemptions, and haz fees as well. So if you’re getting hit with a high hazardous fee, we can look into getting an exemption or a discount on that as well. I know that plays well to electric motorcycles, and a lot of electric bikes as well, and other commodities. If you need better discounts with FedEx or UPS, or you don’t feel like you’re getting the best discount or the best service, we can certainly drill into that for you.


Number two, freight. LTL, truckload, and partial truckload freight discounts, automation, and service. That can include anything from shipping one to two motorcycles or electric motorcycles LTL, or crate it up to partial truckload shipping rates, or full truckload.


Whether you want to do multi-stop truckload, where we pick up and deliver an order, shared truckload, if you want to commingle things with your partners in the industry, so we can pick up and deliver an order again, making it cheaper for everybody. And more control because we have then one driver and one truck versus LTL where it’s transferring through hubs and spokes and gets a little bit more handling. So if you’re having problems with damage, I would definitely look into consolidated truckload or partial truckload shipments that we can arrange for you.


And then we built our own operations team for truckload this last year, so we have much better control and pricing using the DAT interface and just dealing with truckers directly. So we’ve been doing a lot more truckload, shared truckload, and partial truckload shipments for a lot of our clients.


Number three, we have strategic warehouse and fulfillment center locations. The majority of that is on the West Coast and the East Coast, but we also have partners in Kansas City, Texas. But just having access to warehouse and fulfillment centers offers you a lot of different options of how and when you can get your product to market and where it’s staged.


Using our warehouse and fulfillment centers, I like to say you can be within a one to two day transit time of almost anywhere in North America. We can provide cross-docking services, overflow services, pick and pack services, or even consolidated prep services. We do a lot of that for Amazon where they’ll send us in a lot of items, and then we’ll repack and consolidate them to ship to Amazon’s fulfillment center. If your business is along those lines, we can do all kinds of things in that respect, and that’s flexible.


Number four, we have API automation for almost any major E-commerce platform, ERP platform, or order management platform. Even if we don’t have a fixed integration, which is the easiest path of that where it’s almost plug and play, you open an app and configure it within your native system, we have an open API that can connect to almost anything with a little bit of programming and a little bit of know-how. I could even point you in the right direction if you don’t have an API programmer.


These are things that can allow you to scale faster with less headcount. I think there’s all kinds of opportunities to economize and create efficiency with your logistical program using API automation.


Number five, I already told you. We already deal with a lot of motorcycle and electric motorcycle companies, electric ATV companies, electric foil board companies, so a lot of action sports-oriented bikes, surfboards. We understand the commodity, we understand the requirements, we understand the classifications on NMFCs. I like to think we understand a lot of the challenges and can help you mitigate that, economize it better, and just generally handle it better for you.


Number six, did I mention I like to ride motorcycles? All things being equal, if you’re going to work with a logistics company or a freight service or warehousing provider, shouldn’t you work with somebody who’s just as excited about riding motorcycles as you are about making them and riding them yourselves? Generally, I love being on two wheels. I have a KTM 500 EXC that I love doing single track trail riding all over the country. I ride a lot here in McCain Valley in the San Diego area because that’s where the single track and technical stuff is. It’s awesome.


If you own a motorcycle or electric motorcycle company, or distributor, or sales company, or ecommerce company, and you don’t think you’re getting the best deal, or the best automation, or the best service, or just that you’re dealing with somebody who’s not as excited about what you’re doing as you are, I think you owe it to yourself to give us a call and let us drill into whatever program you think is least efficient or least economized, and let us see if we can do better for you.


My phone number is 866-854-5341, extension 3, and my e-mail is Feel free to give me a call, you’ll be meeting with me, and give us a shot at working with you more this year. We’d be honored to work with you, and we’re excited about the products that you make, so give us a shout. Make it a great week, and I hope to talk to you soon.



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