Solar Shipping: Fedex, Freight, and Warehousing Solutions for Renewable Energy Companies

Why we are so interested in working with solar companies?

Good afternoon, everybody. This is Jeremy with Easy Logistics Management. A lot of times people ask me. Why we focus heavily on the solar industry as well. I’ve been going to Solar Power International in the various solar and storage industry trade shows for probably ten to 14 years now or as long as I can remember. But solar energy and clean energy and renewable energy has always been interesting and important to me and I wanted my logistics company to be a part of it. And now we’re even taking it a step further and developing solar power department communities of my own design. And I’ll get into that a little bit further. For the solar panel, battery and green energy technology sector, these are some of the shipping and logistical programs that we have in place to help you better economize, automate and just better manage your logistical and distribution needs.

Fedex and UPS Parcel Discounts and Accesoriales for Solar Companies

So let’s say you’re a company. Awesome Solar Inc, as always! We even have solar panels on the building today. My company can offer you better FedEx and UPS discounts and accessorials for your solar panel and ancillary equipment shipping needs. We have heavy discounts with residential surcharges, holiday surcharges, oversized and weight surcharges, and even hazardous material fees. And even if you have a FedEx or Ups pain points, we can usually use our buying power to negotiate or reduce those costs. So if you’re looking for better ground or other small parcel shipping needs, we can help you achieve that with that program.

LTL Freight and Truckload Freight Shipping Discounts, Automation, and Killer Service!

Number two, we started as a freight and LTL company, so we have really substantial discounts with less than the truckload or LTL freight shipping up to twelve linear feet with hundreds of carriers. We also have a new truckload division so we can do full truckloads using the Data interface to allow you to perform multi pickup and multi stop drop offs using one truck and one driver shared truckload where if you have friends in the industry and you want to commingle loads onto one truck just to get the price reduced and have it be on with one truck and one driver and more plantable. We can help you with that. And basically just better control, pricing and management now of truckload shipping with my new truckload operations team.


Traditional LTL goes through a hub and spoke network a lot of times, so there’s more handling and crosstalking and things that can go wrong just because it’s touched more and transfer more but if you want more dedicated truckload options, we can do that now as well. And we do that for several large solar panel companies

Strategically Located Warehouse and Fulfillment Centers closer to your end customers!

Number three, we have strategically located warehouse and fulfillment locations. Generally, I’d like to say that we can position your solar equipment or battery storage equipment one to two day transit time from the ultimate customer that you’re going to be shipping to. So that creates a quicker lead time, faster transit times, and just better, quicker deliveries. We can perform cross stocking services at these locations, help supply you with overflow storage during peak season if you need it, and your warehouse is completely to the brim. Pick and pack services if you want us to pick, pack and build orders on the outbound for you. Or what I would assume is happening is probably more like [inaudible 00:03:54] of complete systems. If you’re more picking and packing complete systems with panels, storage inverters and all the connective cables, we can do [inaudible 00:04:02] of solar systems at these locations too, and then ship them obviously closer to your own customer

We can Automate most or all of these logistical services via API to your preferred platforms

Number four. For all of these services, we have API automation to connect small parcel, freight and warehousing services to your most major ecommerce providers, ERP providers and order management providers. So that’s really clutch as well, especially once you get into working with us and become comfortable. We can fully automate and scale much faster with all these different shipping and logistical services to the platforms that you’re most using. Or we can make suggestions if you need a custom programming and it’s not a complete fixed integration that’s just more click and play like an app.

We already work with a lot of Solar and Storage Companies in the Renewable Energy Vertical!

Number five. We already deal with a lot of solar and storage companies, so it’s something that we enjoy doing, we understand it well, and I think my team is dialed in for any of your logistical needs that you would like to transfer to us.

Our Sister Company Develops Solar Powered Apartment Communities! We put our Money where our mouth is!

And number six, probably more near and dear to my heart, we actually put our money where our mouth is. And now I build solar power or energy independent apartment communities of my own design. With our new company, Village Redevelopment, you can find at


We just deployed a 14 kilowatt solar array with 20kilowatt of LG battery backup. So we are literally our own power plant here in San Diego County. In the North Park area actually. And that’s something that I want to continue to grow. In part by dealing with my company, you empower us to develop more solar powered or energy independent or green energy powered apartment communities in towns and cities that really need not luxury, but nicely designed, fairly affordable new apartment units. So we’re looking to do a few more here and then the Truckee, Lake Tahoe area, Mammoth Lakes, and then we’re open to options, maybe Colorado.

Contact us for a short meeting to discuss any of our Solar Shipping and Logistical Solutions!

So if you’re struggling with any of these logistical services or you don’t think you have the best pricing for your needs, or you’re not getting adequate service or the technology is not there, definitely give me a call. I’d be happy to drill into any of these modes with you and kind of look at what your current process looks like and see if we can offer a better service or better pricing or just somebody who’s more excited to work with you. All things being equal, why not work with a company who is just as excited about the creating technology sector as you are about making the awesome products that you need.

I can be reached at 866-854-5341, extension three or I hope you’re having a great week and let’s talk soon.

Contact us for more Solar Shipping Information!

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