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Woo Commerce Shipping: API automated Freight Shipping Options

Woo Commerce Shipping: API automated Freight Shipping Options

Woo Commerce is an e-commerce plugin for one of the largest website building platforms Word Press.   Allowing companies who like this robust blogging platform and easy Search Engine Optimization tools.  To easily integrate a full-featured and highly configurable e-commerce store, to their current site with this free WordPress plugin.

Benefits of WooCommerce to Build eCommerce Websites:

  • It is a free WordPress Plugin
  • Allowing Full Control of your Data
  • Provides 1000’s of unique store designs via WordPress Themes
  • WordPress with WooCommerce plugin allows you to build content-rich SEO friendly pages and integrate your E-commerce store into one CMS
  • Security
  • It makes Search Engine Optimization Much easier for your blog and E-Commerce site
  • Fast Loading Speed compared to other e-commerce site builders

Shipping for WooCommerce: Easy Logistic’s E-Commerce Freight Shipping Plug-in

      We have covered a few of the reasons, that WooCommerce is one of the most popular e-commerce site plugins for Word Press.  However, if you intend to sell larger, more cumbersome freight shipping items, it has traditionally been a manual process.  More recently, Easy Logistics and its partners at GlobalTranz, have partnered up with Eniture.  To build API-enabled freight application plug ins for WooCommerce sites.  Allowing, your clients to easily buy your larger for sales items, calculate the freight shipping costs, pick a freight carrier, and pay for both the item and freight shipping at checkout.


     Once the checkout and payment is complete, our E-Commerce Freight Shipping Plug-in for woo commerce dispatches the load to the carrier for pickup and emails your shipping location the Bill of Laden or BOL.  So that they can pick, pack and apply the BOL to the shipping item making it ready for the carrier to pick up.  Our E commerce freight shipping plugin also provides your e-commerce clients with an automated freight shipment tracking link.  That provides them scan by scan, real-time freight tracking information.  Further simplifying and eliminating busy work for your shipping or fulfillment team.

Top Reasons to use our Woo Commerce shipping, E-commerce freight shipping APP:

  1. Easily integrates to Woo Commerce web store items to calculate freight shipping rates
  2. Allows clients to buy larger freight-sized shipping items, calculate real-time freight shipping costs.
  3. Woo Commerce clients can then pay for their larger items in your webstore and pay for the freight shipping costs at check out.
  4. Our Woo Commerce E Commerce freight shipping application is highly configurable so you can be in control of exactly what your clients can and can’t see when checking out.
  5. Save you and your clients money with our bulk freight rates based off of several Billion dollars of freight buying power.
  6. Save time automating a traditionally manual freight quoting and booking process for your e-commerce clients.
  7. Allows you to scale your sales, without having to add more employees in your shipping and operations department.
  8. Why wouldn’t you want to automate as much of this tedious freight and logistical busy work as possible?


Step by Step Process of downloading and configuring E-Commerce Freight shipping for your woo commerce store:



Download the install Freight Shipping Application for WooCommerce


Install the plugin application:

  1. Login to your wordpress dashboard as website administrator
  2. Select Add New plugin from the sub-menu options.
  3. Select Upload Plug-in at the top of the plugins page.
  4. Click install eniture freight plugin for woo commerce

Activate the plugin

install woo commerce freight shipping plug in

6.  Locate the LTL Freight Quote GlobalTranz plugin on list and click Activate

ltl freight woo commerce

Activate Plug-in

Open a freight account with Easy Logistics Management and our 3PL partners Globaltranz/ Cerasis

Obtain API Credentials:   GlobalTranz API/ Cerasis Rater API

           To import your negotiated freight rates, the app must establish a connection with Globaltranz/ Easy Logistics Partner via the Application Programming Interface/ API.  To inject your freight rates into your woocommerce /wordpress website, you will need to obtain your API Access Key from your account with Globaltranz / Easy Logistics Management.  If you already have a globaltranz account, you can simply email API support at apisupport@globaltranz.com or our team can always route you at service@easylogisticsmanagement.com

            If you need to set up a globaltranz account, simply email service@easylogisticsmanagement.com and we can get your freight account set up same day.  By working with Easy Logistics and Globaltranz you get the best of both worlds.  Small company customer service and support on the front end, coupled with large company technology and discounted freight rates on the backend.

Connect the Woo Commerce freight shipping plugin:

  • Select Settings from the Woo Commerce menu
  • Click the Globaltranz tab to access the plugin configuration menu.
  • Use the header menu options to navigate between connection, carriers, quote, and warehouse settings.
  1. Which API will you connect to? Select the freight rates API from the drop-down menu for globaltranz/ easy logistics freight account rates
  2. Customer ID: enter your globaltranz/ easy logistics freight account number
  3. Enter your Username from your GTZship account
  4. Password: Enter your password from your gtz ship freight account here
  5. Enter your API access key next
  6. Plugin License Key: This plugin license key is obtained from Eniture Technology, whom developed the API freight application for Globaltranz/Easy Logistics customers.  Allowing them to import and automate freight shipping activities on their woo commerce websites.

Select Carriers:

     Select the Globaltranz header link.  Then click on the Carriers sub menu button to be selecting which freight carriers you would like your woo commerce client’s to see, quote, and use to ship freight they purchased from your store.

select freight carriers for woo commerce shipping

Quote Settings:

     Select the Globaltranz button in the header menu.  Then select Quote Settings from the sub-menu to begin

Quote Settings for woo commerce freight shipping

Freight Shipping Service Selection for Woo Commerce:

  • Standard LTL Freight Services for Woo Commerce websites
  • Final Mile Freight Services for Woo Commerce Websites

Freight Shipping Rating Method for Woo Commerce:

  • Cheapest freight carrier option: This will only quote and show the least expensive LTL freight carriers for each client’s purchased shipments.
  • Cheapest Options: Which will, quote and show your woo commerce e-commerce store clients, a list of the least expensive freight carriers.
  • Average Freight Price: This will blend the quoted rates to an average of the least expensive freight carriers’ rates

Number of Freight Carrier Options Show:

      This freight app setting for woo commerce sites lets you decide how many freight carriers options you would like your clients to see when checking out and paying for their purchase and freight shipping.

Quote Service Options:

  • Lowest cost freight quotes
  • Fastest freight shipping Transit times

Final Mile Freight Services Options:

   This setting is only available for Cerasis Rater API accounts.

  • Threshold: Freight shipping option for the first dry, protected area freight carriers can deliver to.    No additional freight shipping services will be included, such as residential, liftgate delivery, or inside delivery options
  • Room of Choice: freight shipments will be delivered to a specified first-floor room in a business or residential address
  • Premium : freight shipment can be delivered to a room of choice, light assembly, and package debris removal.

Show Delivery Estimates for each freight quote In woo commerce store:

       When this option is checked, your woo-commerce store will show your clients the estimated transit times for each freight carrier’s freight quote.

Order Cut-Off Time:

      This freight shipping feature is only relevant if you have delivery estimates enabled.  The plugin will identify a shipment date when it requests the freight shipping quote.   Generally, most shipments quoted and booked before 12 pm, local warehouse time, will be picked up same day.  However, shipments after noon local warehouse time, will show as next day pick up in most cases for your clients.  The woo commerce freight shipping APP will automate this process based on your local warehouse time per order.

Auto-detect Residential Address:

     Our woo commerce freight shipping app can be configured to auto-detect residential addresses against database records from USPS.  If your client’s address is identified as a residential address, then the freight app will automatically include the corresponding residential freight delivery fees per carrier.

Always quote liftgate:

       When checked, the woo commerce freight shipping app will always include a lift gate delivery fee in every freight quote

Always include a liftgate delivery fee when a residential address is detected

Handling Fee/ Markup:

     This feature allows you to easily add a bit of cushion or margin to every freight quote your clients run through your woo commerce website.

Allow for own shipping arrangements:

Show WooCommerce Shipping options:

             Our WooCommerce freight shipping plugin automatically suppresses rates from your shopping cart when you have dictated that said item should ship LTL freight.  Checking and enabling this option will allow other woo commerce shipping options to display alongside the freight shipping options.

Weight Threshold for LTL Freight Quotes in WooCommerce site;

             You can set up your freight app to rate via LTL freight when any order exceeds a certain weight threshold.

Identify your warehouse and drop-ship locations

              These settings allow you to add multiple shipping locations and drop ship locations.  So that our LTL freight shipping quotes return the correct freight rates.  Our system can also determine what warehouse or drop ship location is optimal and most economical to ship from per order.

In-store pickup settings:

       In-store pickup options can be offered within the checkout process based off of your client’s postal code and proximity.   This option will only be provided if the freight shipping app feature is enabled and only one shipping location is involved in the quoted purchase.


woo commerce freight shipping in store pick up settings

Local Delivery Settings

Identify pallet sizes and or handling units sizes, freight class etc.:

     If your products ship via freight class and weight to determine and quote freight costs, you will not need this pallet packing plugin to get correct LTL freight quotes.  However, if your freight is density rated you will need to install the Pallet Packing Plugin to get accurate LTL freight quotes from your Woo Commerce store with our API plugin.

This configuration can include:

  1. Sizes of pallets or other handling units you inventory and sell on your woo-commerce site
  2. Rotational properties of the for-sale items when packing on pallets or other types of handling and shipping units
  3. Identifying items that will ship as their own handling units, and the dimensions and weights of each unit.

pallet configuration for woo commerce freight shipping

Enable Plugin

    Click the Shipping Tab menu and select the shipping zones

woo commerce shipping zone menu

Add shipping method to the zone.  Select Add Shipping Method Button.

Add shipping method for LTL freight shipping for woo commerce

Set up the process for each shipping zone on which you want the Woo Commerce Freight Shipping App to return quotes.

Our Woo Commerce Freight shipping APP will return rates for the following types of shipments:

  • US Domestic Freight Shipments
  • Shipments from the USA to Canada

Configure your Products

configure products for woo commerce freight shipping

To configure your products for freight shipping rates in your Woo Commerce Store enter each product’s:

  1. Weight of each product in pounds
  2. Dimensions of each product in inches
  3. Shipping Freight Class: If some of your products ship fedex ground or other mode select the NO shipping class option for those.
  4. Enable Drop Ship Locations: This choice will only be visible if there are drop ship locations you have already set up in Step 5c.
  5. Drop Ship Location selected
  6. Freight Classification: Select the correct freight shipping class for your products in your woo commerce store.  If your product can ship fedex ground, and/or freight depending on the quantities purchased, you should select a freight class for all products in your woo commerce store.
  7. Do your items ship Nested or not
  8. Nesting percentage of items shipped
  9. Nested Dimensions
  10. Define Maximum nested Items
  11. Stacking property for freight shipped items

What Your Customers will See in your WooCommerce Store with our Freight Shipping APP:

What do you want and not want your customers to see when they are checking out of your Woo Commerce online store?

To facilitate the successful online purchase, the woo commerce freight plugin always attempts to return an estimate of shipping charges.  If multiple products are in the shopping cart and some are missing weight, dimensions or both, the plugin will use what is available to obtain the shipping rate estimates.

For example, if you have two products in the shopping cart and the first has weight and dimensions and the second does not, the shipping rate estimate will be based solely on the first product.  The WooCommerce Freight plugin will fail to return shipping rate estimates only when none of the products in the shopping cart have weights or dimensions input.  Please note that shipping rate estimates will be increasingly inaccurate the more omissions there are to the weight and dimensions of products in the shopping cart.

Your WooCommerce shopping cart will also not display shipping rate estimates the first time the shopper views the shopping cart because it isn’t aware of the ship to address.  The user will be prompted to click on the Calculate Shipping Cost link to provide this information.

woo commerce shipping menu cart check out

Changing the URL/Website of your WooCommerce store Domain:


That is the overview and configuration options for our WooCommerce Freight Shipping APP!

        We hope after reviewing our full configuration menu of the Easy Logistics/Globaltranz WooCommerce Freight shipping app..  You can see, just how scalable and powerful these new e-commerce freight shipping apps can be.  If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us for a quick meeting to discuss your interest.  If custom development is needed, our partners are open to helping with that, also.    In our experience, almost any requests are possible within our standard configuration.  Or if it not possible, our partners at Eniture are open to developing it for your needs.  We hope you are just as excited about the possibilities of these E-Commerce and ERP freight shipping apps as we are!  For more information and a short video about this solutions see our previous articles.

Jeremy Curran


Easy Logistics Management

Connect with us for a short meeting to discuss our Woo Commerce Freight Shipping Automation

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