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Freight: how this shipping mode allows you to consolidate, economize, and better protect against shipping-related damages

What is Freight exactly? It sounds like an ominous term that is left to large conglomerates and titans of industry that we’ll never need to touch, as long as we’re able to buy our products or send our goods for our business.

Yet for any type of company, small to mega, that will be handling physical products, Freight based shipping will eventually cross your path. When looking at the actual definition, Merriam webster states the following:

1 : goods or cargo carried by ship, train, truck, or airplane.

2 : the carrying (as by truck) of goods from one place to another

Source: Merriam Webster

To expand further on this definition, this is where goods start to unofficially transition into not the item count but the overall weight count. Before, you’d be charged per parcel, now, it’ll be a combination of overall weight, how much space it takes up, and the distance it’ll have to go. Not too much different as that’s what’s happening with your parcel, but it’s usually a combined cost.

For those that are noticing their shipping costs not going down per product should start to consider all the numerous benefits of switching over to freight shipping. Not only is it more economical, but it’s also an industry specialized in protecting large quantities of items as well as bulk items (for example, ship parts).

The Benefits of this mode of shipping

Once you’re able to get yourself involved with freight shipping, you’ll be able to see how there are numerous benefits associated with it. You might think that freight shipping is just a bulky costly shipping method that takes longer than standard shipping methods.

You get images of cargo containers at ports by the water and think that you won’t see those items for months down the line. There are some cases where that’s true, but they have their benefits too.

              Various shipment options

Truck Freight

If you’re looking for standard secure and safe shipping cross country, you’re looking at ground freight options. This is a combination of multiple shipping and logistics companies that work in tandem with each other to create this interconnected network to get your goods anywhere by truck.

This model is cost-effective and reliable since already pre-determined routes are optimized by logistics technology.


Air Freight

There’s air freight for those looking to get their goods within hours or a day. This will be the least cost-effective option, but it’s not about the price here but about getting the goods to the point they need to be. This mode of Freight is an amazing benefit with time-sensitive goods, and when you simply need goods at a certain place and time.

Intermodal and Rail Freight

There’s also a big green initiative that’s out there that has the dual effect of reducing carbon emissions but also helps to bring down the fuel costs through these platforms.

The most common and effective option that is also the most cost-effective is Freight through trains. As the US continues to expand Freight only train rails, this is becoming a much better mode of freight shipping.

There are also approaches to upgrading existing trucking fleets to biodiesel and hybrid-electric options. Many major companies that maintain their own fleets, such as FedEx, are already converting to these options and reaping the benefits, especially with fuel prices fluctuating and getting more expensive.

Simple Management

Now that you know you have options of which way to go and help preserve the environment, you’ll also enjoy how everything is taken care of. From all the proper documentation, such as bills of lading and shipping manifests, everything is prepared by these companies and ready to go.

You’ll also easily be able to track your shipments every step of the way so you can be aware if there are any delays or if your goods may arrive earlier. Since you’re already choosing the more economical route with freight modes of shipping, you’ll be happy to know that there are even more savings due to the expertise of freight shipping.

When using freight companies, whether it’s land, sea, or air, you’re going to work with palletization, shipment prep, and overall more effective ways of packaging, handling, and shipping. This is all because of these companies’ extensive experience with consistent shipping and Freight and handling either heavy bulk items or massive product loads.

This gives you a method to control the shipping without actually having to do any of the heavy lifting. After the first few freight contracts you set up, you’ll see how easy and fast most freight shipment methods are and how these companies seem to always be ready to fill up their trucks with your product.

That’s because they’re primarily “less than truckload” operators, meaning there are various types of items in the trucks from different companies to fill up the truck cargo space or shipping container and make it as effective as possible.

Freight also comes with extensive protective insurance options that cover everything from liability to loss of goods to missing deadlines in some cases (when it’s quite excessive).

The business of Freight is to bring those goods where they need to go. So with the market being highly competitive and consolidation always happening, you’ll be able to take advantage of freight services and always be able to find several quoting options available.

How to Further Streamline your Freight Quoting Process

The first interaction many have with freight companies is simply requesting a quote. Then, as they get more experience, they begin to consider requesting a few quotes to compare pricing and other options. Before they know it, they’re getting quotes from dozens of freight companies, which can take time, delaying the shipment.

So then there’s an investment into technology, and maybe an API connection or two is implemented with a few freight forwarding companies. You’re all set, and you feel as if you’re always getting the best pricing and everything is automated.

Well, almost. There’s a much better method to do this, and there’s no need to integrate manually with every logistical company out there. At Easy Management Logistic – we’ve already done that digital heavy lifting for you.

We help aggregate all the major players in Freight, so you can periodically send an RFQ and see what the best option is, or you can properly automate your logistical division in your company.

The economic benefits are outstanding as you’ll be able to eliminate major development costs and logistical support staff that could be placed in other areas of your business that are in need of support versus scanning through quotes all day.

Contact us if you’re ready to discuss your freight shipping needs and are also ready to improve them. We will guide you by the hand through the entire process as we get to know you and you get to know our close-knit team. You can make the most of the bulk discounts we already have qualified for and help to maintain those precious margins during these trying times.

Don’t let out a groan every time you need to put on your logistics management hat. Instead, let us eliminate that headache by giving you an end-to-end tool and support system to get your Freight as automated as possible, with quotes coming in directly into your existing ERP or logistical management system. 

Need better freight shipping options? We can help!

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