Chaos=Opportunity! How Business can innovatively cut costs, improve employee satisfaction, and make the world a bit better/fun place during the coronavirus outbreak!

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   Chaos can = Opportunity during the Coronavirus Outbreak.  How Businesses can innovate to cut costs, improve employee satisfaction, and maybe make the world a bit better/more fun place in the process.   With Unprecedented changes in place from the corona virus outbreak these are some ideas we feel could help company’s not only survive but thrive during and after the Coronavirus!


  • Continue allowing all non-essential employees to work from home!  This can save company’s a lot of money, lead to happier employees, clean up the environment with less car trips, and even have a nice economic benefits for employees.
  • E-Bikes, E-motocycles, E-scooters for Business!  By trading in fleet vehicles, delivery vehicles, and maintenance vehicles for new e-cargo bikes company can save a lot off money and make for a more fun work environment!
  • Commercial Solar For Business.  Commercial solar can be installed for zero to low money down.  Companies can trade their variable/rising energy costs for a fix long term cost of solar and become energy independent.  If you take it a step further this could sell the excess energy and monetize the whole thing to generate reveneue!

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