Tern GSD Cargo Bike for Business

Replace your boring company vehicles with E-cargo bikes from $131/ month and no gas, license, fees, or tickets!

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Lets face it most company vehicles are really boring, and basic, and still cost company’s tons on money.   Why not replace those boring maintenance, delivery, and fleet vehicles with FUN, CLEAN, and SUPER AFFORDABLE e-bikes, e-cargo bikes, e-scooters, 0r even e- motorcycles and UTV’s!  We now have  e-bikes for business program with some of our cooler logistics clients where businesses can replace the tired, costly company cars for fun electric bikes, and vehicles from $112/ month , no gas, no license, no fees, and WAY less headaches!

     By reducing the high cost of overhead of having company cars you can save more money, pay your employees better, or just have more cash on hand for growth projects.  Plus your employees will have some much fun on routine errands and deliveries it might just employee rentention!  Not to mention it will make your company stand out as forward thinking and innovative and might just offer you an unforseen competitive advantage!


If you want more details and links to all the cool electric bikes, scooters, and motorcycles we can give you access to see the link below!  the Future is looking bright indeed my friends and more FUN!   https://easylogisticsmanagement.com/e-bikes-e-cargo-bikes-e-motorcycles-for-business-save-money-have-fun-make-a-difference/

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