Is your Amazon FBA product now considered non-essential during the corona Virus outbreak? We can fulfill those orders fast for you and have the capacity!

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   We have been receiving a lot of calls and complaints from Amazon FBA sellers that their products are now deemed non essential.   If the Corona Virus Pandemic and amazon’s response to it is not allowing your orders to ship we can help.  We have strategically located warehouses that have capacity and can link to Amazon and ship same day.

     Also if you need better direct to consumer freight shipping or parcel/ground shipping rates we can also help you achieve those as well.   We realize because of all the chaos and shut downs due to the Corona Virus outbreak almost all orders /sales are going direct to consumer.  We are flexible, we have capacity and we are here to help!






Amazon Seller Service We Can Provide :

  • Warehousing and Fulfillment out of Stratigically located warehouse 1-2 day transit to anywhere
  • We have a standing integration with Amazon already
  • We can fulfill your Amazon sales orders same day
  • Our warehouse and fulfilllment rates are substantially less than Amazons warehouses to!
  • We can also help you achieve better direct to consumer freight and parcel shipping rates to better accommodate the large flow of direct to consumer orders in the wake of the Corona Virus 
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