How to Maintain Domestic Logistics During the Corona Virus

      The Corona Virus fast spread and its associated shut down to slow the spread has taken the logistics world and business by storm.   This video showcases a few of our top ideas to possibly maintain continuity of logistics and shipping during events of this nature.

  1.        Work with a  3PL Warehouse to carry duplicate inventory so they can take over to ship orders on your behalf.  Especially during this unprecedented Corona Virus shut down.  Keeping additional stock in a 3PL warehouse can help you continue to get orders out in a timely fashion even if your industry is deemed non-essential.
  2. Connect your E-Commerce Website and ERP systems to your 3PL warehouse and fulfillment partner.  So that even if your none-essential employers are sent home or become ill you can still shift those orders seamlessly and electronically over to be fulfilled by your 3PL partner.  This can also get your orders out faster and less expensively especially if the warehouse is closer to your end customers.
  3. Hire and Train Virtual Assistants or Overseas employees to back up and support you domestic employees.   That way if your domestic employees become sick, or need a bit more vacation time your Virtual Oversees employees can back fill them and make sure those orders get out.  Virtual Assistants employees can do anything that that can be done on a computer or phone.   Allowing them to quote, book, track, and communicate between clients, sales platforms, fulfillment warehouse staff , and even end customers if need be.   We have had 2 full time overseas operations team members to support our domestic team and it has truly been great.

      Our company operates in a similar fashion so if your company needs help with any of these logistical services we are happy to help.  We hope you and your team are making the best of the extremely unusual times.  May we all be stronger, better organized, and have redundancy that will allow us to wade through these uncertain times better in the future.

Connect with us for a short meeting now to discuss any of these ideas.

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