api freight automation apps benefits

API Freight Automation Apps Top 10 Benefits

Benefits of API Freight Automation Apps for E-Commerce and ERP Platforms

     Its 2021 and most companies leverage some sort of software to automate many back office and sales operations tasks.  Whether you use highly customizable and scalable e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woo Commerce, or Magento to automate sales.   Or have automated most of your back-office processes with robust Enterprise Resource Planning platforms like SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, or Microsoft Dynamics.


     Many forward-thinking companies are leveraging these technology platforms to automate many daily operating procedural tasks.  It only seems logical that they might also be interested it automating more of your logistical processes also.  Our new API Freight Automation Apps can help you automate most, if not all the quote, book, track freight processes. 


    They can also allow you to fully empower your purchasing clients to drive the whole process to and pay for the entire transaction at checkout.   It’s a brave new more automated logistics world out their folks, and these are some of the key benefits I see to leveraging and using our API enabled freight automation apps!


api freight automation apps benefits

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Key Benefits to using our API freight automation APPS to connect to your E-Commerce site or ERP Business Software.

  1. Can fully automate the quote, book, dispatch, tracking function for heavy freight shipping processes.
  2. Can allow your clients to drive the whole process from purchasing your products, to quoting freight shipping costs, and paying for and setting up actual freight shipping.
  3. Frees up your staff to focus on bigger picture revenue related tasks.
  4. Allows your sales effort and shipping of sold orders to scale up as fast as you like.
  5. Once the API automation is dialed in this automated freight shipping set up can greatly simplify your SOP for logistics and freight shipping.
  6. Will make your whole logistical process more automated, scalable, and simplified.
  7. Highly configurable freight apps allow your team to decide exactly what your end clients can see and ultimately control depending on your automation and comfort level!
  8. Frees up our operations/ customer service team’s time also to deal with more high-level issues pursuant to your freight shipping and logistical needs and provide better more thorough service for your needs.
  9. Save head count, time, money, and get more done with less resources when leveraging out API freight apps for your business!
  10. Focus on more satisfying high-level operations activities and ditch more of the mundane day to day logistics process tasks. Or perhaps, take all your vacation time and actually enjoy your time while your away.  Our software and team will have your back while you are away!

    Regardless of your logistics automation comfort level we would be happy to have a quick scoping call with your operations and logistics team.   We have many of our clients already set up in fully automated ways and would be happy to share our experiences with what is working well leveraging these new exciting logistical technologies!


It is my company, we are looking to grow, and we would be honored to help you automate more of your freight and logistical needs this year!


Jeremy Curran


Easy Logistics Management

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