Excel Framework for high volume ltl batch quoting

Batch, Automated, LTL Shipment Quotes Offering, for Higher Volume Shippers.

    Recently we have seen a big surge in larger volume batch LTL quote requests.   Requests for quoting companies shipping anywhere from 300 loads a month to over 1000 LTL shipments a month.  Previously this might have taken a long time and a lot of manual labor running each quote.


    However, our corporate LTL pricing team now can automate / batch the quoting process for these larger volume RFQ’s.   Batch quoting them and getting pricing back to us inside of a day or 2 now max.   I thought it important to share with you because we can now quickly help your firm analyze and price its freight shipping lane data.  Offering you a quick way to double check your current broker or carrier’s rates with our industry leading pricing and carrier network.


    If you would like us to audit your LTL shipping lane data.  To see if we can help your firm with better pricing and more carrier options per lane quickly let us know.  If you can get the data over to us in Excel, we can quote and return our best options within 1-2 business days.   Giving you another great freight option to consider in lanes that make sense.

Benefits of Automated Bulk LTL Quoting!

  • Fast
  • Easy 
  • Automated
  • An easy quick way to double-check your current provider’s tariff is competitive
  • Our quote pricing is based on the more than $8 Billion annual freight spend of Unishippers, World Wide Express, and Globaltranz. 

     If your firm has a Carrier Specific Tariff you would like to keep, we can always import that tariff info into our Freight Management Software GTZship.  Then you can quote your direct tariffs right along side our vast network of top carriers and industry leading blanket rates.   For those of you that do not know, we have been a top agency owner with GlobalTranz for the last 12-13 years.  However recently Globaltranz merged with Worldwide Express and Unishippers.  Once the 3 large logistics brokerages tariffs are homogenized with all our collective carriers.  We should have access to the best rates with each carrier based on our combined $8 Billion in annual freight spend.

   If you would like our help scrubbing your lane data and providing a batch/ bulk LTL quote with our best rates in a timely fashion, please let us know.   We would be happy to help, we think this new LTL batch quoting will also help your firm save time and money quickly on your higher than average LTL shipping volume too!   If for some reason our combined blanket freight tariffs do not make enough of a difference.  We can also always take the same basic lane data you have already provided us.  Shopping it to our carriers directly for a Carrier Specific Pricing agreement for you.

      Regardless of what your specific needs are, this is the basic information we would need to quickly run batch high volume LTL freight rates for your team:


  • Origin zip
  • Delivery Zip
  • Total weight
  • Freight Class
  • Pallet count and dimensions if larger orders that require overlength or other considerations
  • Accessorials needed
  • Price from your current provider for comps and cost savings analysis

See Example Batch Volume LTL Quote with least expensive and 2nd least expensive carrier pricing options!  This is the exact data we imported to price this very recent large volume shipping project of over 1,000 loads a month.

Excel Framework for high volume ltl batch quoting

     We look forward to helping you with this new automated larger volume quoting tool.  Or any of our other industry leading freight, E-Commerce or ERP automation, or warehousing services.   Its my company, we are looking to grow, and we would be honored to look at help you better manage your logistical needs this year.


Jeremy Curran


Easy Logistics Management


Get In touch to discuss running a high volume automated LTL quote.

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