Easy API and other automation options for Freight Shipping, Small Parcel Shipping, and Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

What is API automation and how is it
used in Logistics and Warehousing?

API or
Application Programming Interface are essentially communication protocols for
building software that allow different software to communicate more clearly,
and efficiently using a standard set of rules and protocols.    In our world of 3PL logistics and
Warehousing our evolving API’s allow you to connect with thousands of carriers
at our deeply discounted rates with 1 integration.  This provides you the ability to quote, book,
track, etc with our thousands of carriers through your preferred Transportation
Management Software, your preferred ERP software, or your preferred Ecommerce

          On the Warehouse side, the
opportunities are similar, allowing you to connect to our multiple warehouse
and fulfillment points with 1 easy integration. Thus it gives you the ability
to monitor your inventory, place orders, schedule the shipping, receive order
confirmations, and provide tracking details for both parcel and freight
shipments to your team and end client.

Who is leading the Transition to API
protocol in Logistics and Warehousing?

      Historically, the automation and
connections were handled through Electronic Data Interchange or EDI.  However, due to its complexity, cost, and
errors API is slowly but surely becoming the preferred, more flexible method of
making and achieving this connectivity.  
In large part, this is also driven by consumer demand and the rise of Ecommerce.    With industry leaders like Amazon setting
the standard, consumer are now expecting and demanding discounted fast shipping
options for both parcel and freight with complete transparency of tracking,
payment, and process.  

       In the logistics space companies such as project44 https://project44.com/are building the technology and connections that are allowing our company flexibility.  With this flexibility we can help you better connect our discounted freight shipping rates and small parcel shipping rates from 1000’s of carrier to the E-commerce and ERP platforms of your choosing.  This greatly streamlines the process and saves time and money on all fronts.


How can you use it to make your
logistical process easier for parcel, freight, warehousing etc?

    Easy Logistics Management and its partners flexible API’s can allow you to connect both our discounted small parcel shipping rates and deeply discounted freight shipping rates to your preferred e-commerce and or ERP software platform.  This allows you the flexibility to insert and automate the shipping and delivery process right into your business model and checkout /sales process and even for white glove service and final mile services too.  Thus this will save your business time, man power, and money, but also provide a far better shopping experience to your clients.

      By leveraging our deeply discounted rates. Easy Logistics Management’s shipping API’s also provide you a strategic sales benefit when competing against Amazon and other larger retailer’s and e-commerce companies that offer discounted or free fast shipping options.  It also put your clients in the driver’s seat to select the carrier, price and service levels that best work for them.  Ultimately creating a more self-service, automated process, that will save your company time and money dealing with the tail end of all sales.


What are some other benefits of using API automation cost savings efficiency etc.?

API provides real-time data which allows shippers and their clients to see exact costs and accessorial options for shipping in real time.

eliminates barriers to data retrieval with Legacy Systems as API’s can interact
with a wider variety of other software given its universal communication

API is cloud
based so it can be maintained, updated, and repaired quickly and without
disrupting your shipping process and operations.

It gives you
more accurate access to your Big Data Analytics.

It can
reduce your over-all cost of small parcel and freight shipping by helping you
make real time data-based carrier selections.

API takes
less time to process.

Shipping and Parcel Shipping are easier to manage and use.  Therefore, it allows you to empower your
customers to make their own data, price, and service level based selections and
pay for the whole process upon check out.


What can you connect it to (E-commerce, ERP , WMS etc.)?

   Our easily connected evolving API’s allow
our clients the ability to leverage our deep parcel and freight discounts with
all carriers and connect them to their core business and sales software.  This allows you to seamlessly integrate with
most E-Commerce providers like ShopifyWooCommerce, Volusion, Big Commerce,
etc, or to your ERP backend company software infrastructure such as Netsuite,
SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or even Quick Books in most cases.

What are the net benefits of the
technology for your logistics and supply chain team?

    Ultimately, our evolving API technology
allows companies to seamlessly connect our best discounts with all parcel and
freight carriers to your core business systems and e-commerce sales platform.   This helps you streamline your process,
automate, eliminate manual processes and cost and errors associated with
them.  It also allows you to empower your
internal software and/or clients to select the best carriers, service level,
accessorials and cost for their purchase needs.

How can Easy Logistics Management
help your organization get Automated with this great evolving technology?

     If your team is looking to partner with a logistics company that not only has deep discounts for all shipping modes, but can also make use of our services more seamless, automated, and easy to use process. Then you owe it to yourself to connect with us for a quick call to discuss options.   Easy Logistics Management, formerly Frontline Distribution was founded by Jeremy Curran in 2009.   The company focus is on providing first in class software, deep discounts on all modes of shipping, flexible warehousing and fulfillment points to ship from, and super nice hands on customer service and day to day management.   We are partnered with a handful of forward-thinking technology companies in the logistics and warehousing industry to better service our clients evolving logistical and supply chain needs.   Currently we work heavily with companies that comprise our favorite hobbies and passions in life such as surfing, bikingskiingmotorcycle riding, overland and 4×4 adventure vehicles, craft beer brewing, clean energy and solar technology, green building products, architecturally distinct building products, consumer electronics, audio technology, etc..   We are looking to grow and we would be honored to look at partnering with you so connect with us today!


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