Bicycle Shipping and Electric Bike Shipping Solutions and Discounts

Bicycle Shipping and Electric Bicycle Shipping Discounts and Solutions

We love bikes and Riding them and my team and I will work harder to help you manage your logistics better!

A lot of people ask me why I focus my business so much on bikes and electric bikes, logistics, warehousing, and distribution. And my answer to them is because I love to ride. So here are our solutions for bicycle and electric bike shipping with easy logistics.

Let’s say you’re a bicycle company, Awesome Bikes INC, as always, and you’re looking to economize or automate or simplify your shipping all those bikes. The things that we can bring to the table as easy logistics at our partners is heavily discounted FedEx and UPS rates.

We have major exemptions for oversize of fees, residential surcharge fees, even holiday exemption or holiday surcharge fees with our discounts. So we can set you up with that and hopefully economize that shipping and make it more simplified.

Number two, we started as a freight company, so we have heavily discounted LTL truckload and partial truckload rates with hundreds of carriers and a really easy to use software interface called GTZ ship.

Three, we have strategically located warehouse and fulfillment centers on the East Coast, West Coast, and even some new facilities in Texas that we can tap to put, store, and ship your bikes closer to your end customer.

Generally, I like to say our warehouse and fulfillment centers are one to two day transit from almost anywhere in the US or even really North America, and all of this we can do in the US, Canada, and most of mexico now, too.

Furthermore, we have API automation to most e-commerce and ERP or order management systems so we can import and automate your FedEx rate or UPS rate, our discounted FedEx rate or UPS rates, your LTL tariff from a carrier direct or our brokered rates to blend together so that you always get the best shipping pricing in any lane for your customers and for yourself.

And then number five, I like to ride. So we already deal with a lot of bike companies and electric bike companies. I went to Interbike for years and then I’m still active in the community and occasionally going to see Otter. And we just, know a lot of the people in the industry already.

Number six, did I mention again that I like to ride bikes? So if it has two wheels, I love it. Bike riding on my Surly Cross-Check around town for a beer. Mountain biking on my Santa Cruz Bronson around here on a single tracker in Lake Tahoe.

And then I ride a KTM 500 exc Dirt Bike too. So if it has two wheels, I love it and I like riding. So this is something I want my logistics company to be more a part of.

And if you run a company, a bike company or involved with a bike company and all things being equal, you should work with somebody who’s stoked on riding and also provide all these shipping services and discounts because we’re going to work harder for you and hopefully we can spread that stoke together.

So if you have any questions or comments or you want to drill into anything that you’re currently doing and see if we can provide a better option, I can be reached at 866854-5341 extension 3 or Make it a great week and hopefully we’ll see you out there riding!

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