Section 321 Duty Free Fulfillment Benefits and Opportunities


  We have met some very interest consultants and service providers we wanted to talk to you about recently.  Especially considering all the supply chain disruptions and delays on products manufactured and coming from Chinese factories.   From our perspective, many of our clients and other companies we know, are more open to near-shoring or bringing production back to the US than ever before.


    Recently we met a company who specializes in setting up duty free Mexican manufacturing and fulfillment centers.  Allowing companies to ship manufactured goods from Mexico and other places into their US customers duty free direct to consumer.  From our perspective there could be many benefits to leveraging this Section 321 Mexican fulfillment set up.  Those Benefits include both reduced logistical cost and time savings, cost savings due to decreased import duties, and the much-needed diversification of global manufacturing. 


    If your operations and supply chain team would like to explore the benefits of Section 321 Mexican fulfillment, we would be happy to set up a meeting with you.  It would also make us feel better helping bring some of this manufacturing back closer to the USA. and sharing some of those jobs with our friendly neighbors to the south!


Potential Large Benefits of this Section 321 Mexico Fulfillment Set up

  • Designed specifically for Direct-to-Consumer Sales shipments.
  • Shipped Duty Free from pre-vetted Mexican 3PL Fulfillment Centers with a lower cost basis into US customers
  • Mexican 3PL warehouses are right along the border and can ship directly into USPS and other US Domestic shipping providers without additional international shipping charges/fees.
  • Benefits our Neighbors to the south in the form of increased Mexican manufacturing jobs in some cases. Also, additional 3PL Mexico fulfillment jobs and services for all direct-to-consumer sales into the USA.
  • Products can be produced in Mexico and elsewhere if needed
  • Diversifies production supply chains away from China and gets production back closer or into the USA.
  • Manufacturing and Fulfillment activities located much closer to your company and your end consumer with many benefits.
  • Perfect for E-Commerce Companies or companies with a high percentage of direct-to-consumer orders.

Limits of Section 321 Mexico 3PL fulfillment set up:

  • Limit 1 item per customer per day
  • Limit up to $800 per sale duty free
  • Direct to Consumer Sales only
  • Certain items like harsh chemicals and alcohol are prohibited.

     If this Section 321 set up is of interest to your operations team we would be happy to make an introduction.   We can also help with inbound logistics from Mexico if you would like our help getting more of your Mexico Manufacturing into the USA.


Contact us to learn more about Section 321 Duty Free E-Commerce Fulfillment

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