holland tracking in our FMS

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Fedex Freight

     FedEx Corporation and FedEx Freight are one of the larger logistics companies that supply global shipping services.  FedEx Freight is a relatively new addition to the FedEx logistics network, started in 2001 via an acquisition of Viking Freight and American Freight Ways..  However, it has already grown by leaps and bounds.


    FedEx Freight is an LTL shipping leader with service to the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.  FedEx Freight is one of the first and only LTL freight carriers to offer handling-unit and pallet-level tracking and visibility for multi-pallet shipments.


Freight Quote Fedex in our GTZ ship FMS

holland tracking in our FMS

Some Additional Facts About FedEx Freight:

  • They Employ 43,000 team members
  • The ship 105,000 freight shipments a day
  • FedEx Freight has more than 25,000 motorized vehicles
  • They have approximate 370 freight services centers and terminals
  • Fedex Freight does about $7.1 billion in annual sales

     Easy Logistics is proud to work with FedEx Freight and be able to provide our valued clients the most economical freight quotes with FedEx.  If your firm is looking for the breadth, services, and technology of fedex freight with more economical LTL freight pricing we would be happy to help

How Do we achieve better Freight Quotes with FedEx?

  • We spend $4 Billion and growing annually with FedEx Freight and our other LTL carrier partners earning us some of the best LTL freight pricing in the industry.
  • Our industry-leading Freight Management Software helps fill excess capacity on FedEx Freight trucks earning us industry-leading rates.
  • Easy Logistics and its partners at GlobalTranz have a combined sales force of 3,000-5,000 reps coast to coast. Bringing new profit business to the table daily.
  • Our advanced freight management software GTZ ship, also makes quoting, booking, and tracking with FedEx freight and 100’s of other carriers easy, straightforward, and through one simple online interface.

     If your company is looking for the best freight quotes with FedEx or 100’s of other top carriers we can help.   Our Freight Management software will also make it much more efficient and easy to get the best freight quotes with FedEx Freight and other top carriers via our one-stop freight software.   If you are interested in some of our other most recent thoughts on getting the best LTL quotes see related article.

     Give us a call anytime to get a quick walk-through of our GTZ ship FMS and our best new freight rates.   It is my company, we are looking to grow, and we would be honored to help you with more of your freight needs this year!

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