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Netsuite Freight: API freight automation apps for Netsuite Freight Shipping


What is Netsuite and why is it such an important piece of software?

     Netsuite is a SAAS ERP software that allows fast-growing companies to have enterprise-level ERP abilities at a fraction of the cost.  With no need for costly on-site top-tier IT staff, Netsuite allows companies to reduce and automate back-office systems.  Including financials, fulfillment, logistics, inventory, and sales.  This powerful SAAS business software allows any user, using any browser, 24/7 visibility of all these business processes in real-time.

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Freight Shipping Module within Netsuite

    Netsuite and its parent company Oracle have shipping modules to connect your UPS, Fedex, and USPS parcel shipping accounts into.   You can also now connect freight rates, carriers, and tracking, with technology forward logistics and 3pl companies.  Thus allowing your orders to push into shipping status and allowing your company to quote, book, dispatch, track and trace freight shipping activities all out of your Netsuite account.

How we can automate Netsuite Freight Shipping with our new API freight automation apps

     Easy Logistics Management and its partners have recently released easy-to-use Fixed API freight shipping automation apps for Netsuite freight shipping and other major ERP software.   If you are looking to automate your Netsuite freight shipping activities you will want to see how our new API freight apps can automate your logistical process.  Including freight quoting, booking, dispatching, tracking, and tracing activities from your Netsuite ERP.  Depending on how your order and shipping procedures come through, we can also automate all E-Commerce freight shipping. 

   Also see additional information about all our ERP API Enabled Freight Automation Apps.

Our Netsuite Freight Apps can automate:

  • Freight quoting
  • Freight Booking
  • Freight Dispatching
  • BOL Creations
  • Tracking, Tracing
  • Email tracking links to clients, sales team, or any other necessary parties

API Freight Apps for E-commerce overview also

       So if your organization is looking for a great way to API automate your Netsuite freight shipping activities, please call us to schedule a quick meeting to discuss.  You will not be disappointed in how these fixed API freight automation apps, allow your business to scale logistically.   You will also benefit from our freight discounts based on $4 Billion in collective freight spend with our top-tier carrier network.  It is my company, we are looking to grow, and we would be honored to help you investigate this great new API enable freight application for Netsuite Freight Shipping.

Jeremy Curran


Easy Logistics Management


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