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We may run a logistics company but we live for adventure too!

        First and foremost, I am an outdoors-man and love outdoor adventures! When not working you can generally find me adventuring around in my 4×4 Sprinter. Surfing in San Diego and up the west coast, skiing in Mammoth, Mountain Biking all over the place, paddle-boarding in Lake Tahoe and Bass Lake, and Enduro dirt bike riding!  I have been growing my logistics management and warehousing business for the last 11 years and ever since I found out about the overland expo I have attended annually.

       That is why I have tried hard to come up with great logistical programs to benefit overland and outdoor companies we admire and want to work with. From setting up regional warehousing and fulfillment points to allow you faster ship times, and massive reductions in transit-related handling and damage. To pushing our knowledge and skillset with the new evolving API automation for freight shipping to e-commerce and ERP software that can make all our logistical lives more automated and seamless.

         Now we even have a super nice and hands-on growing in-house operations team. That you can outsource your day to day logistical needs to if full automation is not an option. We know you have a lot of choices of whom can handle your logistical needs. However, we hope that our sincere desire for working with companies that make the overland equipment we love sets us apart!    And our industry-leading discounts and wide breadth of freight and logistical service do not hurt either!  At the very least I hope my great hands-on team and industry-leading logistics software, can provide us all a bit more time to get out and enjoy more of the reason we work in overland expo industries!

Current Awesome Brands we manage logistics for in the Overland Expo Industries

  • Roam Built :   Adventure Vans Racks, Bumpers, etc.
  • Naish Stand UP Paddle and Kite

Overland Expo Industry Freight Shipping Services for outdoor adventure industry products

      We work with a wide variety of overland expo industry companies.  From heavy-duty sprinter bumpers and racks, stand-up paddle boards, to surf boards, bikes, kayaks, electric and gas powered motorcycles, and camping equipment.  Many of them choose to work with us because of our deep freight shipping discounts with 100’s of carriers.  Allowing us to move shipments within the USA, Canada, and Mexico now.   Most also work with us because we are passionate about their products and work harder to accommodate their complex freight needs.  Currently, we collectively spend $2 Billion a year in freight shipping and help our overland expo industry clients achieve better discounts based on those volumes and relationships.

       Our newest online Freight Management Software also provides easy to use online automation that will make your job and business life easier.

Freight Management Features Include:

  • Robust, flexible, automated tracking for your team and clients to eliminate busywork
  • Quote, Book, Track, and 3rd party insurance for LTL, Partial, Truckload, and Air Freight shipments.
  • Super hands-on operations team that can work with your team to act as your outsourced shipping assistant if needed.
  • Import your current carrier’s tariff into our platform and shop and book with your direct carriers and our in-house discounts side by side.
  • Easy connect and automate our freight rates and carriers to Shopify, Woo-Commerce, and soon Magento e-commerce software for seamless freight shipping for online orders. We also have fixed API automation for most ERP Business software like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc
Freight Shipping and LTL shipping FMS Software
ooverland expo industry freight transportation management software

Shopify Freight Shipping Automation and Woo-commerce Freight Plugin for the Overland Expo Industry!

      We are very excited to finally roll out our shopify freight shipping and woo-commerce freight plugin freight automation to our clients and friends in the overland expo industries!  We also have a flexible rest API freight shipping automation you can use to seamlessly connect other e-commerce and online sales channels or ERP business software.

Using Rest Web Service API, SMTP, XML and EDI, GTZintegrate automates the flow of these logistics operations into your business systems and Transportation Management System or now E-Commerce Plateforms.  Allow you to automate some or all of these logistical activities!

    • Rating
    • Tendering
    • Dispatch
    • Bill of Lading
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Reweigh/Reclass
    • TrackingTransit Times
    • Customs Documentation
    • Delivery Receipt
    • Acceptance/Rejection
    • Acknowledgment
    • Invoicing & Remittance
    • Multi-Modal Status
    • Inventory Management
    • Customer Configured Development

Connect Your Freight Operations with Critical Business Systems

ERP and E-commerce sites our API can connect with for freight shipping

Shopify Shopping Cart Check out page where clients can buy your product, choose their freight shipping preference and price, and pay for the whole transaction during checkout! So Awesome!

Shopify Shopping Cart Add Shipping Information
shopify freight shipping accessorial selection page
shopify freight shipping for overland expo c

Overland Expo Industry Warehousing and Fulfillment locations closer to your end clients

     We also provide our overland expo industry clients with a network of warehouse and fulfillment locations that are proficient at handling large cumbersome overland equipment.   Allow overland expo industry companies to flexibly store and ship their products closer to your end clients.  We provide smaller company customer service when needed ,yet have robust easy software that can be seamlessly integrated to most ERP , e-commerce, or other online sales channels such as amazon etc.

Features Include:

  • Small Company Customer Service
  • Robust online Warehouse Management software that is easily API integrated to most major ERP and online sales channels/ e-commerce software
  • Reduce your overall cost and time to ship to dealers and direct to consumers
  • Drastically reduction in transit-related handling and damages especially for larger products



logistics management Warehousing Management Software

Overland Expo Industry Global Freight Shipping Options

      New this year we have a great new partnership for Global Freight Shipping Solutions for the Overland Expo industry and Overland Adventure industry product producers.   This new service allows complete transparency of global freight quoting, booking, and tracking through one simple yet robust online Transportation Management platform. 


  • Quote, Book, Track LCL, Container Load, and Air Freight through one easy online platform
  • Deep Discounts for all Global Freight Shipping needs
  • Friendly customer service when and if you need help load by load.
  • Did we mention we love the overland expo industry and working with overland adventure industry products? 😊


global freight tms for logistics managementt

Overland Expo industry Ground and parcel shipping discounts and options with UPS, FED EX, DHL, and USPS

      We also just onboarded a great new way to help overland expo industry clients save money and get better overall parcel and ground tariffs with UPS, FED EX, DHL, and even USPS.   Whether your overland expo industry company needs better rates, better accessorial exemptions or pricing, or just a smaller more dedicated customer service experience we are here to help.


  • DHL, FEDEX, UPS, and USPS shipping discounts available
  • Easy to use Transportation Management Software
  • Easy standing API connections to most e-commerce, ERP business software, and even accounting software like quick books.
  • Did I mention we love working with cool Overland Adventure products and will work hard for you and your team?!:)




Connect with us to get your overland expo industry company's logistics better set up!

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