Working from Home-based offices and Passing those Savings Along to YOU is just part of the reason we have continued on this unique path!

When i started this company about 10 years ago working from home was just a necessity.  I didn’t have a lot of money saved and i needed to keep costs as low as possible.  To make sure i could afford to continue working and growing our logistical clientele and business.

Now 10 years into running my freight shipping management company, my whole growing team works distributed remotely from home offices.  Part of it, is to create a nicer lifestyle for all of us, eliminating all those extra hours getting ready and commuting to an office every day.  So myself and my team can now spend those hours with family and friends, or outside enjoying more leisure time and a more balanced and happy lifestyle.

However a big reason we still all work from home and don’t have a fancy centralized office, is simply to keep costs low and pass those freight savings along to you, our clients.  It also allows us to focus on industries and clients we are actually excited about and want to be a part of.   Helping us become logistical experts, in our favorite industries faster, and not having to work with every single company and opportunity that comes our way.  It also allows me to profit share with all of our employees instead of paying for a fancy office, which doesn’t hurt morale or motivation either!

If that resonates with you and your logistics team, and you would like to work with our small, motivated, and happy team.  Then connect with us for a short meeting this week or next.  We would be honored to show you how we can help better automate, economize, and professional manage your freight shipping and logistical needs this year!

My team and I sincerely appreciate all the opportunities over the years and look forward to working with you and your team more this year


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